The use of the keyboard "print screen" key-replace the screen capture software

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1. Replacing screen Software
Press the print screen key to capture the full screen. Click Start>Program→ Attachment → drawing ", the" Drawing "program will be opened, and the" Edit → paste "menu in the window will pop up," the image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap, expand bitmap?" In the dialog box, click "yes" to paste the screenshot. Press Ctrl + S to save the image.
2. capture the current activity window
When you use print screen to capture a screen, press the Alt key to capture only the current active window, and then save it as described above.
3. Capture game Images
We all know that the print screen key on the keyboard can capture the desktop pattern in the system, and then "Paste" it in the image processing software such as "Drawing" program or photoshop. However, if we want to capture a Game image, the above method may not work.
It doesn't matter. Start Windows Media Player (version 6.0 or later), open a video file, select "file → properties → advanced", double-click the video Renderer, in direct draw, YUV flipping, RGB flipping, YUV overlaya, and RGB
The overlays option is canceled. Click OK and exit. Try again and use the print screen key to capture the game screen.
4. screenshot DirectX Graph
The print screen key cannot intercept the DirectX graph. It doesn't matter. We just need to slightly adjust the subtotal to make it a big show. Enter Regedit in "run" in the "Start" menu, open the Registry Editor, expand the registry to the hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftdirectdraw branch, create a "DWORD" value, and rename it "enableprintscreen ", enter the key value "1" to make the print
The screen key can intercept DirectX graphs.

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