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In recent years, flash in the network scenery Unlimited. Vector-formatted animation, in the network bandwidth is generally not "wide" today, for multimedia applications to provide an excellent platform. With its popularity, a large number of animated works appear on the network, including fine. Because can not use the right key copy downloading, how to put these good dongdong downloads to the hard disk to become the question, this article describes several effective methods to solve this problem.

  One or four, two, a ton.

When the Web page for Flash animation to provide download links when the right key to save as a download can be, eliminating the trouble of finding a download address. If, there is no download link, we have other good way.

1. View Source files

In IE, click "Source Files" under "View" in the menu bar, and the code for the current page will be opened by Notepad. In Notepad, press "Ctrl+f", Pop-up Search dialog box, under "Find content", fill in "SwF", click "Find Next" button, you can find a link to Falsh file (for example: Shockwave/cabs/flash/a.swf). And then use the Internet Express to download both.

2, view the page link

If you're using a MYIE2, it's more convenient. Click "Page link" under "View" under the menu bar or press "alt+l" shortcut key. If you don't see a link to the page after this start MYIE2, a prompt box appears (Figure 1).

If you click Yes, all the links in the page are listed, and if you click No, the next prompt box appears (Figure 2),

Click OK to eject both the Page Link dialog box (Figure 3).

Click the down arrow in the list box after "Binaries", select ". swf", and the link to the Flash file in the page will be listed and listed in the form of a hyperlink (Figure 4). Click on the link to open the file, right-click on the link, and choose the Download tool you use in the pop-up menu, such as "Use the Internet Express Download", so you can invoke the download tool download.

MyIE2 's homepage:

Tenkine Download Center myie2 download page:

3, Site resource detectors

The Internet Express provides a tool for detecting site resources, and we can view and download the Web site's files as we would a local resource manager.

Open the Internet Express, click on the menu bar "Tools" under the "Site Explorer" or True to press the shortcut key "F7", start the program. In the Address bar, fill in the URL you want to search for (Figure 5), and enter.

Click "Filter" under Edit on the Point menu bar, select the "Show only the following types" checkbox, and Modify to ". swf" in the following "file categories" (Figure 6), and click OK to complete.

The purpose of this is to show only the types of files we need to find. Right-click on the listed Flash file (Figure 7), click "Download" will automatically invoke the Internet Express download tool download.

Internet Express Home:

  Second, local conditions

If the site is encrypted, the above method will not work. We need to use the following method.

We know that using IE on the Internet, browsing the Web page will be placed in the IE temporary folder, so you can find the Flash file there.

IE temporary folder default location is in the system disk, the experienced friend early to move it out of the system disk, now see how to find its location.

Open the Internet Options dialog box by using Internet Options under Tools in the IE menu bar. Click the Settings button under Internet temp files (Figure 8), Pop The Settings dialog box, click View Files (Figure 9), and open the IE Temp folder.

Right-click in the margin, select Details under View, and then click the Type button in the Type column. Then locate the file with the suffix named SWF.

IE temporary folder belongs to the system folder, directly inside the search file can not show the size of the file, brought us a lot of trouble. You can avoid this by copying an IE Temp folder. In the previous step, after you go to the IE Temp folder, click the Up button on the toolbar, and then copy the folder. Then, in the spare parts folder, press "Ctrl+f" to find, select "All Files and folders", fill in the filename in the next step: "*.swf", and then click Find. After the search, the size of the bar in the size of the button, so that files from large to small arrangement, the general we are looking for the animation should be relatively large files (Figure 10).

  Three, while watching and saving

If you are fast, you can also look at the save, just use a gadget network hunter Internet Hunter for Flash, (Figure 11).

After downloading the installation, it will integrate a new function in IE: if there is flash animation on IE's Open web page, move the cursor over the picture, the Download toolbar will appear (Figure 12). Click on the Small floppy icon on the left to save the file. In the pop-up dialog box, click Save. The file is saved under the network Hunter's installation directory.

Web Hunter homepage:

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