The ways of life, happiness and impermanence without me

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I recently read some Buddhist things and talked about my experiences.
It is a Buddhist doctrine. Speaking of the Buddhist doctrine, I had to think of the TV series that I watched from an early age. I had to say a bad word. The so-called "turning back" means that everything is false and impermanence to the Buddha and everything in the world. Only if the Buddha is true, can the Buddha be left alone. Only Buddhism teaches people to be heartless and not to worry about themselves. Have you ever heard of such a sentence? "No love, no worry, no desire, no request, no anger, no complaint, no Buddha. All troubles are endless ." Well, there are several people in our mortal world who can reach this realm. To me, I don't think it is enough to be crazy about small things. No, it should be very good.
The acts of Buddhism are impermanence and the laws do not have me. In this regard, Buddhism begins with the analysis of "Kong" and "Yuan. The impermanence of various actions means that things and things in the universe are constantly changing from ancient times to the present, and things are constantly changing. All things in the world are born and destroyed, and every kind of things is transformed and changed repeatedly from the opposite. The "law" in the "impermanence of various laws" reflects a regularity, that is, what the buddhist saying is "Yuan ". All aspects of the universe and life are related.

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