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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. I do not know that you have recently encountered Baidu for no reason K station situation, I have a few small station, has been the normal operation, do not know why was k off, let a person very headache, before also encountered by Baidu down the right, was K station situation, but because I firmly believe that their SEO method is very formal, Before has been to adopt the method of persistence, slowly recovered. Here I also come to share with you about the site by K to restore some of the small experience.

1, impatient of peace and only one step away!

When our site was k a few, we will first of all what kind of psychological state? Some stationmaster may like me, slowly become irritable up, because the station that does not make very easy, one night return to before liberation, this kind of depressed and bitter is let a person want to cry without tears. Some webmasters may also have doubts about their ability to optimize and skills as I do, even more people in the day without any effect of the time to choose to give up, in almost 2 months when I was ready to give up, but just ready to give up my several stations and all put out, a station released directly after the home page. So my mind and peace, and then come back to think about this problem, found himself a little impatient of the head, but also found impatience with peace and only a step away, we can not see through the phenomenon of the essence of things, whether Baidu or Google, he K station or not is the key to your operation is not a violation of his bottom line, I am completely normal operation, basically did not have the possibility of k, we all know that Baidu ventilation is serious, he wants K station is mostly want to hold a play of mentality, I believe we also have a deep experience. Finally, we have to remind everyone to encounter by K station don't be so tense, peaceful attitude to treat, we as long as they do not cheat, there will be no big problem.

2, do not cheat in your heart most clear!

A child, said a lie, will be very uneasy, the last majority will be mistaken, of course, we will not blame this child, but if a mature webmaster cheat, and the site was K, still do not know introspection, that is your own problem. In fact, our site was K and their own cheating has no relationship with their hearts is the most clear, do not deceive themselves. Encounter site is k first we have to be punished by all the possibilities. If you have a cheating operation, you need to have a good check, one of my stations in order to increase the density of keywords, specially cloth a bit of bureau, a keyword density of more than 8%, was k after I adjusted a bit, I checked and then tuned to 7%, for the space speed problem I also find ways to solve, After the record directly to the million net, in addition to control the release of the chain as far as possible, do not send too much, garbage outside the chain do not do too much, to avoid giving Baidu a bad evaluation.

3, the site is k the most important is to endure!

A lot of friends in the site after K will find a way to recover, this is human nature, when we lost a self to his energy time and feelings of things, we will feel unacceptable, of course, want to find back, unless really find back, we will give up. In fact, the site is K, we need to do in addition to the basis of the inspection work, the rest is a word of forbearance. The forbearance here is not to say that we are sitting ducks, but that we insist on the work of K site is more able to endure a long time does not include.

Do webmaster, the website we are most concerned about is the basic data of the website, every day to see Baidu included as 0, your heart will certainly be bad, first of all, we must from the mentality of peace, this is our first to endure, because a lot of friends psychological state will not be too good, once K will want to give up, It is not advisable to encounter more blows and even doubt yourself. The second thing we need to endure is the work of the day is still to insist on, and to work harder, the article quality as far as possible to do a little, outside the chain of more than the anchor text, more than the chain of spiders. So long as we have no problem with the modus operandi, we will certainly recover.

For the site is K, we can endure the forbearance, of course, the time is too long, 3 months, 4 months did not return to do not pay too much energy, let him to fend for themselves, and wait to be included again to tube him. Well, my article is introduced here, there are friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641

This article by the Xu Zi Rain, Beijing Ali Dayton Water Heater Repair ( network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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