The website must be creative, or there is no future !!!

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The website must be creative, or there is no future !!!

Just released a few days ago:

A foreigner made a million dollar Homepage

He built a x pixel blank web page on the network,
Sell 1 million free space on his webpage at a price of one dollar per pixel.
This is undoubtedly a whimsical and incredible idea and practice.
However, now he has sold out the 41600 free spaces on this webpage.

A bunch of Chinese webmasters are not new ~~ A large number of similar Chinese websites emerged at once,
Except for the first estimate that it will take a long time with the support of many blogger, all others will follow suit ~~


These products have no address, no phone number, no contact name, no invoice, and no record filing ~
It is difficult to copy ideas from other countries. After all, it cannot be supported only by these ideas.

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