The Win8.1 system adds the "Send to OneDrive" menu in the right-click menu

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OneDrive takes a limited, free business model that is common to cloud storage products: Users can get 7 g of free storage after registering OneDrive with a Microsoft account. It is most commendable is the online Office features, Microsoft will use thousands of users of Office software office and OneDrive combination, users can create, edit and share documents online, and local editing of the document can be any switch, local edit online save or online edit local save. The files edited online are saved in real time, which can avoid the loss of file content caused by the downtime of local editors, and improve the security of the files. So we upload files, if the use of OneDrive will be very convenient, if we often use OneDrive can be added to the right button, the following to see the Win8.1 system to "Send to OneDrive" to add to the right key method.

Specific methods

Win + R shortcut key to the "Run" dialog box, enter "Shell:sendto." As shown in figure:

OK, you will open the SendTo folder, right-click the folder and select New – shortcut. As shown in figure:

The Create Shortcut Wizard opens. As shown in figure:

Click the "Browse" button to select the target of the shortcut in the Open Browse files or Folders window to OneDrive, and make sure that the path to the OneDrive is displayed in the type the object's Location text box.

Click "Next" to name the shortcut. As shown in figure:

The default name is OneDrive, and finally click "Finish".

Then you click the right mouse button on any file and you will find that the "Send to OneDrive" option has been added to the right menu. As shown in figure:

Win8.1 system How to add "Send to OneDrive" to the right key solution is introduced here, according to the above simple graphic introduction, we have mastered, if you can add it to the right button, it can be convenient to use later, is a good function, or is worth a study.

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