The Witcher 3 Developer: Success is due to the focus on quality games

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For Marcin Iwinski, the prize has become a commonplace, "Witcher 3: Wild hunting" in 2015 to get the annual Game award in 250 times, as its developer CD Projekt studio Ceo,iwinski name is not really known to many people, Enough to show his low-key and quiet.

"The Witcher 3" is the studio's largest game project so far, when the developer's Choice Award at GDC Conference, Iwinski said, "Our dream has come true, for most of the industry's most important research and development meetings, for most developers, to get this annual game award is very exciting." ”

For CD Projekt, the importance of The Witcher 3 is unparalleled. Before the launch of the 2011 wizarding 2, when the company developed its business strategy, it was expected to sell 10 million of the entire wizarding series to the end of 2015, in fact, they achieved twice times the projected sales, and net profit of 90 million dollars in 20,151 years. "Our planning has always been practical, and it can be said that the industry is very rare," Iwinski said. You can, of course, just plan a number, no matter whether it's possible or not. "The success of CD Projekt is not surprising, this more than 10-year studio through the third-generation game polished to get such a masterpiece," Wizard 3 "released 2 weeks of sales exceeded 4 million, and the first two works 8 years of sales is only 6 million.

To be the highest-paid developer in Poland, and by no means just by luck, Iwinski the success of CD Projekt due to the dedication of the studio, which he says his company is only relentlessly enforcing the respect of the player's strategy. "We are particularly concerned about the disappointment of the players, even the press conference, we will be more cautious, such as what should we say?" What do you say? Is it fair to do so? We will test internally, and the standards are very strict, we will explain to the players their decisions and reasons before, first to our own team explained that if we can convince ourselves, then this decision is feasible. But we convince ourselves that this is not because of how much profit it makes, but what value it can bring to the player. ”

"Fundamentally, the obsession with quality and focus is the most important reason, if your game gets 8 points, then it and get 9 points of performance is a gap." The average score for Witcher 3 in Metacritic is 93, and user acceptance is more than 9 points, which is incredible. ”

Iwinski said that the goal of CD Projekt is to become the world's top three developers, to achieve this goal, perhaps the company still needs to adhere to this. He smiled and said, "All of a sudden, everyone is bullish on us, everyone wants to buy our company," and last year's many mergers and acquisitions have been proven to be rumors.

"There may be times when we really need this investment to do research and development, but if we do, we have to sacrifice some of our independence and then we have to accept some stupid decisions in game development, in terms of creativity and research and development, we want to do exactly what we think, including game publishing, pricing, The value of extra content, how many languages are available, and how to promote it to players around the world is part of our values. For example, for many paid games, the wizard 3 does not use DRM encryption, which many companies may not understand.

Even if the company gets bigger in the future, the game is still the most important, Iwinski said. "The Wizard" original game was developed by 80 people, "Witcher 3" when the increase to 250 people, so our future project "Cyberpunk" may have more people. Don't think we're going to do 20 projects at the same time, we'll just focus on one project, focus on something specific, we don't want to be a studio with 10 games, and we'd rather just focus on a few game-series development like Rockstar. ”

Although the total revenue of The Witcher 3 has not yet been compared to GTA V, after 2015 years, CD Projekt's revenue is significantly better, in Iwinski's words, "not bad." So with more resources, the company's next game, "Cyberpunk," may be even more impressive.

"For us, yes, we're rich," Iwinski said, "but when we explain to investors it's long-term, they can't give us an annual goal, or because there's a business opportunity, we're going to have to launch a game." Basically, "Witcher 3" has proved this is correct, now we have more recognition, so we should be used to make "cyberpunk" a more meaningful game for the game industry, it must be able to meet the quality standards of the next Generation game, not only for us, but also for the entire industry. ”

"We're not going to be able to release a game because we want to meet our revenue goals, and Rockstar is doing very well," GTA V "is the best game they've ever made, and we're all looking forward to their Red Dead redemption 2 because we believe they'll make good games, CDs Projekt is going to be a company like this, but we still have a distance, we have to prove ourselves, "Wizard 3" is a good example, but we still need to continue to use high-quality games to prove. ”

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The Witcher 3 Developer: Success is due to the focus on quality games

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