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Before learning about the multi-domain wildcard SSL Certificate, we will first introduce the multi-domain certificate, also known as San certificate or UCC certificate, multi-domain certificates are described as follows:

Multi-domain San/ucc ssl Certificate

San Certificate-subject alternative name certificates, also known as UCC Certificate-Unified Communication certificates.

The sans SSL certificate allows you to add multiple "Domain Names" or "servers" to the same certificate. This feature provides customers with great elasticity to use. It allows you to create an SSL certificate that is easier to use and install, but more secure than the wildcard SSL certificate, an SSL certificate that is perfect for your server security requirements.

Supports security applications with the latest technologies such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft Exchange server2012, and Microsoft Office Communications sever 2007.

Multiple top-level domain names (fqdns)

If your company uses different top-level domain names, as shown below, you can select a multi-domain San/ucc ssl Certificate, only one certificate can protect all domain names, installation and management is simpler.

  • Www. China certificate. com

After learning about the multi-domain certificate, let's take a look at what is the wildcard certificate wildcard SSL. For a detailed explanation of the wildcard certificate, see the following:

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL certificatesWildcard SSL certificates. The wildcard SSL certificate can protect all subdomain names under a domain name at the same time, such as * There is no limit on the number of subdomain names. You can add your own subdomain names at any time.

The wildcard SSL certificate allows you to obtain and manage multiple server certificates at about time and cost. For the installation server authorization license of the wildcard SSL Certificate, see the product features, for example:


All the above websites can be protected by a wildcard SSL certificate, so that you only need to purchase and install a wildcard SSL certificate issued to * to ensure security for all subdomain websites.

What is a multi-domain certificate, what is a wildcard certificate, and what is a multi-domain wildcard certificate? As the name suggests, multi-domain wildcard SSL is a new SSL Certificate created by combining multiple domain name certificates and wildcard certificates through technology, this SSL Certificate supports both multi-domain San and wildcard. This new SSL certificate is called multi-domain wildcard SSL ).

What are the benefits of this multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate? The Chinese certificate editor will give you a brief introduction. Let's give an example. For example, a customer's website has three top-level domain names, and each of the three top-level domain names has many second-level domain names, he wants to apply for an SSL certificate that supports three top-level domain names at the same time, and supports the following two-level domain names, according to xiaobian, most SSL certificates on the market currently cannot implement this function. Only comodo, the world's leading SSL Certificate Authority, takes the lead in breaking this deadlock and launches a new multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate, solve the problem of using multiple certificates for management.

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