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Network firewall Choice has been the most headaches of many users, look at the current firewall market, a great crowded, but users will not because of the more and more firewall products and feel happy, on the contrary, More and more people are gradually discovering that they have entered a difficult choice: which firewall product is the safest and the most secure?

Although the firewall products are numerous, but users only hope to quickly find a suitable product, so many authoritative testing institutions were born, such as firewall leak tester, such as the testing agencies through a variety of simulation and real environment to strictly test the safety of the firewall products, The total score of a product is finally counted. Thus, we were able to quickly choose a reassuring product based on the results of the test.

It is Looknstop, who has long been ranked first in Flt, and it is the security of a firewall system that Swiss banks use to maintain their own security.

However, this powerful product is rarely found installed on the average user's machine, why?

Xiao Li, a company employee, stumbled upon the introduction of the product, holding a try mentality, he gave his machine installed a program, but he did not enjoy the top firewall to bring him security, instead, it brought him many nightmares: BitComet can not be used, Hao Fang on the Go, Thunder and FlashGet became disabled, Warcraft became a synonym for the crash ... Is this a guard or a rush? Xiao Li looked at some information, found that the product needs to be set up, so he opened the settings interface ... However, in the face of a lot of professional terminology, Xiao Li completely collapsed.

In the end, Xiao Li decided to give up looknstop and switch to homemade firewalls.

Admittedly, Looknstop is an excellent product that provides a powerful and comprehensive network protection capability, flexible custom intrusion detection rules, system resources and file resource footprint, or even, by setting rules, Looknstop can also replace part of the sniffer function to achieve network packet monitoring ...

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