The wrong way to coax your baby to sleep

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Error procedure one: Shake sleep ... Why do children cry at night

Baby crying Please try psychotherapy when the baby cries or sleep disturbed, some young mother will hold the baby in the arms or into the cradle of the shaking, the baby cries more fierce, the mother shook the more violently, until the baby fell asleep.

But this practice is very harmful to the baby, because the shaking action makes the baby's brain in the skull cavity constantly sloshing, the immature brain will collide with the harder skull, resulting in small cerebral blood vessels rupture, causing a "minor brain injury syndrome," the occurrence of concussion, intracranial hemorrhage.

Patients with epilepsy, mental retardation, limb paralysis, severe brain edema, brain hernia and death. If the retina in the eye is affected, it can also lead to amblyopia or blindness, which makes it a serious mistake, especially in the 10 months of the child.

Error procedure two: accompany to sleep ... Toys to sleep with? It is inappropriate to advocate

When the baby is born, he should actively encourage him to fall asleep alone and develop his habits. Even a newborn baby should not sleep with her mother. Mother sleep after a little attention may be pressed on the baby, causing suffocation death. A U.S. survey has confirmed that allowing infants to sleep alone can reduce the sudden death rate by 60%.

In addition, the mother long-term sleep, the baby will appear a "love mother" mentality, to the kindergarten or even primary school age, and mother separation will be very difficult, so that the baby later prone to school phobia, exam tension, the baby's physical and mental development unfavorable.

The development of children's sleep habits generally starting from 1 years old, this age group of babies sleep faster, and has a certain degree of self-awareness. Use these features to encourage the baby to sleep alone, the baby easier to accept.

Error procedure three: stoop to sleep ... Sleeping down can increase the risk of sudden infant death.

Foreign experts have found that infant Death syndrome is associated with sleep posture, especially in the face-down sleep is the most dangerous. The reason is that small babies generally do not turn over themselves, and can not take the initiative to avoid the obstruction before the mouth and nose, so that the respiratory tract in the obstruction, can only absorb a small amount of air and hypoxia, and the development of digestive organs is not perfect, when the stomach peristalsis, stomach pressure increases, the food will be anti-flow, blocking the already very

Experts survey, the baby's safest sleeping position is to sleep, this kind of sleeping position can make its airway unimpeded, to a certain extent, to avoid sudden infant death. According to statistics, in the United States since the promotion of the Sleep method, the high incidence of sudden infant death syndrome has declined significantly, from about 5000 deaths a year to less than 3000 people, it is worth the mother to learn from.

Four wrong ways: Put your arm around the bed ... See Health from your baby's sleep

Many mothers worry about the baby in the sleep accident, often arm around to sleep. In fact, this has increased the chance of accidents;

To sleep so that the baby can not breathe fresh air, inhaled more is the dirty air in the quilt, easy to get sick;

May make the baby to wake up the bad habit of breastfeeding, not easy to form a timed feeding, thereby hindering the baby's appetite and digestion function;

Limits the baby to sleep when the free movement, difficult to stretch the body, affects the normal blood circulation, if the mother sleeps too ripe, accidentally the nipple blocked the baby's nostril, may also cause the serious consequence of suffocation.

Error procedure five: Sleep baby sweating More, why

Mainly in the winter and spring temperature is low season, mother to let the baby warm, often the baby's head under the quilt, so that there are two major hazards:

Bedding humidity is high, plus the baby metabolic exuberant, easy to induce "sultry syndrome", can cause the baby to sweat, and even collapse.

May cause breathing difficulties, or suffocation. When you sleep, you should put your head outside the quilt to prevent accidents.

Error procedure VI: Hot sleep ... Why can't a newborn baby sleep on an electric mattress

In order to keep the baby warm, a considerable number of families buy electric blankets. Everyone knows that electric blankets heating faster, temperature is also high, will increase the baby's non-dominant loss of water, causing mild dehydration and affect health.

Therefore, the baby should not use electric blankets. To use the correct method should be mastered, that is, pre-sleep power preheating, waiting for the baby to cut off power in time, avoid overnight without power. The use of the process, if the baby has a hoarse cry, irritability and other performance, indicating that the body may be dehydrated, immediately to the baby to drink more water, usually will calm down, and quickly return to normal.

Seven wrong practices: light sleep ... Turn on the light to sleep is not conducive to child health

Some young mothers in order to facilitate night-time nursing, change diapers, often the bedroom lights open all night, this has a negative impact on the baby.

Medical research has shown that babies sleep in an overnight light-up environment, which can lead to poor sleep and reduced sleep time, which slows down the pace of development. Because the baby's nervous system is still in the development stage, adapt to environmental changes in the regulation of poor, the bedroom all night long lights, will inevitably change the body to adapt to the day and night darkness of the law of nature, thus affecting the normal metabolism of the baby, harm to growth and development.

Take vision development as an example, according to British scholars report: Sleep in the bedroom with a small lamp in the child has 30% become nearsighted, and brightly lit children of myopia incidence rate of up to 55%.

The wrong way of doing eight: sleeping naked

Summer high temperature, some mothers will baby underwear stripped, let the baby in the small body lying in bed, in order to cool. However, the baby's temperature adjustment function is poor, easy to make the body cold, especially once the abdomen cold, can make bowel peristalsis increase, leading to diarrhea. To prevent this, even if the hot summer can not sleep, the chest and abdomen is best covered with a thin layer of clothing, or with small Dudou.

The first mother, filled with joy, followed by the care of children's rush. It is even more anxious when the child is uncomfortable and ill. Therefore, it is particularly important to know some nursing knowledge.

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The wrong way to coax your baby to sleep

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