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Blink to the end of the year, really fast ah, a lot of scenes at the beginning of the time still vivid, now has to the year. Some people say: the older you get, the more time you will feel. If this is the case, it must be admitted that I am really old. Oh ~ Year-End what thing General company will have? That is the overwhelming summary report Ah, debriefing report ah ... Make the comrades in the workplace "cry the sky shouting, crying loud"! To solve this problem, I'll tell you how to make the year-end summary ppt

The first step: determine the outline

"Point one: First write word, in writing ppt"

A lot of friends came to me and asked me, "when you write a summary, what is the best way to write word?" or to write ppt? To tell you the truth, I think this question is a bit of an eruption. Why not? Because this question should not ask me, should ask your boss!

At present, most companies are using PPT to do year-end summary report, so I discuss how to use PPT to write summary report.

For most people, I find it difficult to write a PowerPoint report directly. Why? Because PPT not only embodies your writing skills (Word level), but also reflects the level of your design. A lot of brothers write to write to start "heap material", this is typical PPT tragedy!

So, I personally suggest that, in the case of time permitting, you had better write word, write ppt! in time too late, first write a word outline, and then write ppt! if time is too late, please contact with your leader as soon as possible, tell him "I will report this day, better kill me!"

"Point two: Ensure that the cards are set according to the rules"

What is a routine? The chapter layout of your summary report! The chapters of the summary report are basically relatively fixed. What is the section content of the concrete text layout? I'll talk about it, just a little bit, haha ~

"Point three: A lot of reference case template"

Because the summary report usually has a fixed routine, so this is the hardest hit by plagiarism, is the so-called "copy more healthy, do not copy very uncomfortable." I personally think that the reference is necessary, but plagiarism is meaningless, because everyone's work is not the same, copy can copy how much?

Therefore, you have to refer to other people's routines, cliches, empty words, concluding remarks and other non-core content of things, but these things reference well, has made your report feel more presentable!


Step two: Optimize PPT

"Point one: Select a personalized template"

Personal year-end summary does not necessarily need to use the organization's PPT template, you can use a relatively personalized ppt template. such as PPT tutorial online template channel has a lot of beautiful ppt template.

"Point two: less text but more numbers"

The year-end report and the usual work report is not the same place is "information saturation"! At ordinary times the work of PPT more attention to work details, more text, more information, but the year-end summary report of the PPT is not the same, not much information, expensive in the "few less"!

"Point three: Creative Design Show"

Annual Summary report PPT can I show you anything? My answer is yes!.

Work-type PPT is very good is very difficult, the master and the general PPT lovers is the difference is one o'clock-with thought, attentively write! Chairman Mao said: "The world is afraid of serious two words", I think very reasonable. Let me show you some of the creative shows that you might use in your year-end report.


Step Three: Practice speaking

"Point one: Don't believe in yourself too much"

A lot of friends always think that after writing the report, the work is over. This is really a very regrettable kind of thinking. In my opinion, this is like you run 100 meters, the last run 80 meters, see some people cheer, think the game is over, but in fact the game is not over. The real end of the game is the moment you end your speech report. Do not be too convinced of their ability to speak, if you are not a professional lecturer, if you are not a speech to the people, I suggest you or a lot of practice.

"Point two: Control the rhythm of the speech."

The entire year-end presentation process is very necessary to pay attention to the overall pace of the speech, write the time to pay special attention to your "performance" how to let leaders see, speaking time to spend time to let the leadership understand your future "grand plan." Why is it so arranged? You can think about it.

"Point three: Better have auxiliary equipment"

For an effective presentation, I suggest you prepare a supplementary presentation device, such as a flip-page remote control.

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