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Learn the 10 rules of the programmer's Zen, look for programmers this career beginner's mind meditation is not a patent for the industry elite like Steve Jobs, you can also

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programmers are a particularly hard-working profession and a group of people under pressure. Working 6 days a week, endless overtime, and even overwork, the programmer's physical and mental health is facing a big problem. Zen is another way of life, and in today's materialistic, Zen has a special meaning and value for programmers. This book helps the programmer community to understand and recognize Zen's way of looking for beginner's mind.
In addition to e-mails, nonstop calls, and so-called emergency services, there are many more meaningful things in life.
hundreds of years ago, Zen Masters opened their lives: "No" and the opening, life in your hands.
This is still the case today.
Meditation is not a patent for the industry elite like Steve Jobs, and you can.
meditation is not only done on weekends, at any time, even now, yes, at this moment.

Content Introduction

Zen is a life attitude and lifestyle. Programmers are a particularly hard-working profession and a group of people under pressure. In today's materialistic, Zen has a special meaning and value for programmers.
The author of this book is a German programmer veteran, familiar with the joys and sorrows of programmers. He has published a blog post titled "The 10 Principles of Programmer's Zen", which has led to intense discussions and strong resonance among many programmers. This book is a total of 10 chapters, combining the programmer's daily life and the work of all aspects, the author through the knowledge of Zen, understanding, experience, thinking and sentiment, put forward a lot of pertinent suggestions for the hard-working programmer is quite enlightening.
book is easy reading for the vast number of programmers to read, it can help you to better maintain beginner's mind, grasp the truth, better face life and work.  

As a translator

about the author
In 1998, Christian sold his first website. Since then, he has worked as a web developer, consultant, architect, manager, tester, and other work. He has a wide variety of clients: banks, small businesses and big businesses. He worked in open space with 80 other people and worked alone at home. In those days when he worked 75 hours a week, he could play the zombie in the movie without makeup. So he began to meditate.
Since then, there has been a significant change in his way of working. He learned to say "no" and sleep when he was sleepy. He can provide better products and services, smiling often hangs on the face.
today, Christian created his own company, offered freelance services, meditated in his spare time, and studied psychology at German universities.
Translator Profile
Dr. Glory is an associate professor of Nanjing Normal University, whose auther works include the. NET bigger picture, "C + + templates full-text", "imperfect C + + Chinese version", "C + + must Know", "C + + template meta-programming" and "ASP. NET 2.0 combat start" and so on.
Zhu Yan is a staff member of the Aerospace Chenguang Co., Ltd., who enjoys reading and traveling, and has certain knowledge and understanding of Zen culture.

Media Review

"This is the masterpiece we need. "
--Stephen Ullenbach
Stephen is a German entrepreneur who founded 9flats and Qype.
"I strongly recommend that programmers and non-programmers read Christian's book and try even 10 minutes of silent meditation!" "
--Loreline Eng Smith
Lory wrote "Sacred Earth Partners" blog about how to combine lifestyle with business.
"This book makes you feel peaceful about yourself and the world around you. It is full of insights that help keep mindfulness and peace in life. If you wish to live a Zen life, this book is a must-read. "
--Muhammad Tuhami
Muhammad is Egypt's leading motivational expert with a lot of books to visit more information.
"word, Christian's ' Ten Zen Rules for programmers ', warm words, examples of moving, make you happier, more focused, no me." Your family will thank you for that. "
--Chris Backt
Chris Backt is a developer in the UK. He is an early adopter of the dart language, with Dart in Action and writing the Dart Watch blog.

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The Zen of Programmers

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