There are about to upgrade the same city dating design ideas the whole process of sharing

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There are about NetEase love dating site, after careful planning and teamwork, and finally to create a beautiful style, powerful and user-friendly experience of dating site products.

The entire project process:

View the whole process from time flow:

1. Revision Plan

A beautiful woman has a revised goal.
• Identify product positioning and optimize design style to enhance product brand awareness.
• Streamline mission processes and product architectures to make them more consistent with user needs.
• Improve product ease of use and improve user experience.
• Optimize source code to make Web site execution more efficient.

2. Use of research and evaluation

The work is divided into three parts:
The first is user research, mainly for sampling user objects to visit and talk, and record their basic online dating behavior, preliminary understanding of needs, draw conclusions.
Second, the data of their own web site statistics and analysis, to dig out the behavior and needs of potential users.
Third, the collection of third-party dating user analysis data, combined with the first to 2nd to write their own user research reports.

As the amount of information in this respect is relatively large, just outline a list.
Task 1. User Research
• Idate screening of Representative users for in-depth interviews

The outline of Focus interview Preparing for interviews and questioning
Conclusion of the Interview
  1. User Symposium Process
  2. User Basic Online dating behavior
  3. Life-Role analysis of online dating behavior
  4. The most important function of dating site
  5. Affective analysis and design suggestions
"Interview Data" Comparison and analysis of cake-making chart
Transcript of the Interview Record the interview dialogue content

• Mining of idate existing background data

About the user overview of Beauty Define our target Users
"Data Material" Idate Web site user Data

• Research Report on dating users through level two research, web resource search and research, customer service data research

Task 2. Self Assessment
The evaluation method is conducted in the form of a grade, and each point is explained.
• Navigation evaluation (compared to competitors in dating and dating sites)
· Pet Evaluation (from the three aspects of persuasion, emotion, trust, observe peer site objects and their own site evaluation)
• Dating website design score (compare and evaluate with peer dating site)
idate Interactive Design Assessment (for registration module, appointment module, search, message, personal management evaluation)
idate Page Design evaluation (not login home, my home page, search dating, appointment management, message gifts, my friends, topic page, personal Display page evaluation)

Task 3. Expert assessment
Micro-Expert assessment, the external professional user experience company to conduct a small assessment of the site, the Idate site is about to be improved on the list.

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