There are always some moments to warm the whole past

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1. Love is to rent a person's heart, marriage is to tie a person's heart, love is to warm a person's heart.

2. You don't have to worry too much about the present or the future. When you have experienced some things, the current scenery is different from the previous one.

3. Some people say that they love a city because the city has a person they like. In fact, if you love a city, it may be a vivid scenery in the city, a period of time in the Qing Mei past, or a familiar old house. Maybe it's just for this city. It is like falling in love with a person. Sometimes there is no reason, no reason, no worries about the wind, just love. -- Lin Huiyin

4. You must start to do one thing with ease, but at the beginning, you must stick to it.

5. when you see a pool of water, if the water is still, you can see the reflection of the moon; if the water shake, the moon will become broken and discrete, it is difficult to see the real moon. The same is true for us. If our thoughts shake, we will not see the real world.

6. There is no such thing as a bad mood.

7. You need to tell yourself not to do things you will regret or feel sad because of your emotions.

8. Compared with love, life is short. But every day, I hear too many people are picky about love and their responsibilities. Everyone cannot accept flaws in love. That's just because they cannot really taste the true taste of love. There is always some compromise behind each piece of love. Many people think that "compromise" is very difficult and self-defeating. In fact, if you really love, you will feel that compromise is also a natural pleasure.

9. Life is a long journey. Don't waste time waiting for those who don't want to work with you.

10. In memories, there are always some moments that can warm the whole past.

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