There is no preparation for the opening... Let me talk about my development model first.

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It wasn't long before I went out ,... So what's wrong or bad? I hope you can give me some advice... I also want to learn ..


I use mvc4 and ef6 .. So I generate models directly...


I will use a background verification to explain my development model...

Verify that the currently registered user name is available ..






This is a simple verification.

It's easy to understand ..

Use ajax to get the value of the text box



<Input type = "text" id = "txtname" onblur = "checkuser ()"/>

Onblur is executed when the text box loses focus


Function checkuser (){
VaR username = $ ("# txtname"). Val ();
$. Ajax ({
Type: "Post ",
Async: True,
URL: '@ URL. Content ("~ /Userview/GetUserName ")',
Data: {Username: username },
Success: function (data ){
If (Data! = 0 ){
Alert ("this user already exists ");
$ ("# Txtname"). Val ("");


The method name that points to the Controller .. The parameter is a string generated by var.

Next, the Controller


[Acceptverbs (httpverbs. Post)]
Public int GetUserName (string username)

Int userid = usermanageservice. getuserid (username );
Return userid> 0? 1: 0;


The username field in the database is queried based on the value of the text box .. Check whether the field ID exists

Determine the return value... Then 0 or 1 is returned.


If judgment ,,,

This is also a simple verification


In addition, the actionresult In the controller is of the bool type and then returns true or false for foreground verification,


I hope to help point out the unqualified items.


There is no preparation for the opening... Let me talk about my development model first.

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