These industries have the most jobs monthly

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According to the HRM ( worry-free database, the number of online posts for it functions in March 2015 approached 600,000, an increase of 29.4% compared with March 2014. It field, especially in the Internet industry as a representative has been a large number of employers, even in February by the Lunar New Year, the role of IT functions on-line posts are still maintained at about 550,000, into the March, the industry quickly entered the status of recruitment, so that it functions on-line posts accounted for 16.3% of the total number of the country.
The Internet/e-commerce industry is eager
According to HRM data statistics show, March 2015 the National Internet/e-commerce industry posted more than 220,000 online jobs, ranked in the same it field of the first of various industries. HRM Chief Human Resources expert Feng Lijuan analysis that the internet brings entrepreneurial enthusiasm and fierce competition brings a large number of knowledge and talent needs, but also promote a lot of related industries, such as supply chain (logistics, warehousing, packaging), finance, games and so on.
Today's internet entrepreneurship boom is concentrated in the mobile internet sector, and many entrepreneurial small companies based on mobile apps have sprung up in the market. In the blink of an eye, people's daily necessities seem to be able to find the corresponding app to solve. The boom in the app market has also provided more job opportunities for it people. Using the HRM Job Finder, choose the Internet/e-commerce industry, using the "APP" as a keyword search, nearly a day of post related to the post unexpectedly up to more than 14,000.
the computer software industry has the most jobs in a month
All say it area the most gold, at the end of each year several large it enterprises will spare no effort to promote their own year-end awards, and to the annual school recruitment season, often is a hundred thousand of or even hundreds of thousands of annual salary to the new people out olive branch. But in the end it people are not happy, it can only be lengnuanzizhi. Netizen "Flower small Armor" on the HRM forum Post said: "Valentine's Day when you and your girlfriend Romantic, ' Program Ape ' may only hug his code to sleep;" Public holidays while you're out on a sightseeing tour, the ' Siege master ' may be struggling with various bugs ... The appearance of the glitz are the eyes of others, the bitterness behind it is the sole belongs to their own. ”
According to the statistics released by HRM, the March 2015 it field of various industries in the online publishing jobs, remove the "negotiable" position, in the position of the clearly marked, the monthly salary of the job accounted for the most of the industry is the computer software industry. In the competitive recruitment market, the position of relatively high monthly wages dare to mark the mark, perhaps the business is for marketing purposes to attract the attention of job seekers, perhaps the industry is really very short, the mark to show sincerity.

It people eat "youth rice"? No one's going to be there after 30 years?
Not long ago in the HRM forum Netizen "lost Lily" Post said: "It industry is a typical eat ' youth rice ' industry." Because the knowledge structure is updated too quickly, the knowledge that was hard to learn has not been used, just out of school young people older than the elderly knowledge structure updated, more valuable. As far as I know, many it enterprises, recruit technical staff to see the resume first look at the age, over how many years old immediately thrown into the dustbin, what experience, achievements, education are sidelined. Have you seen how many people over 40 are still working as normal programmers, testers, and technicians? "This stone stirred thousands of waves, attracting it people to the forum to participate in the discussion." From the IT Enterprise HR Netizen "granular cc" Post said: "High-end talent, no matter what industry is missing, but the basic post age is really no advantage." Job seekers over 30 years of age, if he is willing to fight in the Internet industry, while in certain positions have their own advantages, we will give opportunities and optimistic about his growth, if he is willing to fight but compared with the young people do not have a competitive advantage, the enterprise is not a charitable organization, not because you are older will give you more wages, Business still depends on your output in the post. New people pay higher wages than the elderly, which is nothing to fuss about in the IT business. "In the discussion, there are also some IT companies employing department leaders said that they will not hire older job seekers to do basic jobs, because they pay more than the new people, but the ability to work, innovative ability than the new.
In a variety of spit groove, we found a more interesting phenomenon: some people will feel that the knowledge technology in the field of the old age, not keep up with the changes in the times, than just out of the school's young people, but the new person in the sigh, in schools do not learn things, they do not have work experience, find work is too difficult. People at both ends find it hard to find work, so who is not difficult to find a job? Very simple, there are skills of people! Just like HRM Netizen "leisurely star month" said: "Not necessarily all on the age to do management, after 30 years old, on the 40-year-old, you can still do the technician, programmer, but you must be an expert, itself to have some difficult to copy the individual competitive ability." "(end)

These industries have the most jobs monthly

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