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In some scenarios, many people may feel like they once knew each other:

1. encountered a difficult problem during development, such as writingCodeThe execution result is not as expected. After debugging for a long time, I felt that everything was normal, but the result was incorrect. However, when you describe a problem to someone else, you suddenly have an epiphany. There is a thought in your mind: Oh, maybe XX has a problem. Then, follow the train of thought to find out the crux of the problem and solve the problem.

2. One day, the Leader asks you to write a PPT to report your recent work. When I write a draft, I feel that I, II, III, and IV have a clear understanding of what I want to say, but when I write a draft, I also found that my mind's thoughts could not be easily poured out like a bowl of water, and even I had to write the first sentence for a long time.

3. Friday is the time for design review, or the company has arranged for you to present a product to users. You have done a lot of exercises in private for this public appearance, but when you come on stage, it will still feel a sense of helplessness that "there is no way to easily interpret the theme.

Generally, when we think about problems, there is no audience. Our thoughts are loopback in the brain. We think our thinking is very meticulous, but in fact, it has a very high LEAP (you can experience it. The effect of self-talking and meditation is completely different, and it is different to think about drawing with a pen, when we try to express our ideas, we often find vulnerabilities.

While we are writing, especially when writing documents for presentations such as PPT, we generally assume an audience. For example, we will try our best to examine our achievements from the perspective of others, we will also talk about it in our hearts, and even drill into the camera.

However, when we really face a room, we have a completely different experience, especially in the absence of experience.
The pace of your exercise will be disrupted;
Some people may ask questions, but you will find that this problem will be discussed later;
Some people are distracted. I have already explained the questions you asked;
There are other issues that are irrelevant to the current topic... ...
There are many situations, but I am most afraid of seeing a room with a blank face.

At this time, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the speech, the speaker must reelaborate the current topic in another way. during the short time of restructuring, the speaker must determine the problem, is it necessary to make more preparations? So, in an instant, there are too many things to say, but I don't know what to say in a rush, or I will talk about half in one direction, I suddenly felt that I had to explain something in another direction and suddenly changed the topic... ...


Therefore, what we think we "think clearly" may not be "clearly", but what we write clearly may not be "clearly ". Everyone has at least two languages: the language and spoken language used for brain thinking. Later, after learning, we have mastered the written language. Those great thinkers use words to pass their thoughts into the world; those great speakers use words to spread their thoughts. They are the best two-way translators in these three languages.

QualifiedProgramPersonnel who are good at thinking and can efficiently turn their ideas into program language code. However, there are a lot of programmers who want to turn their ideas into both written and spoken languages, poor performance. This kind of ability needs to be exercised. However, when the opportunity is in front of us, not everyone knows how to cherish and use it, or even "never regret it when it is lost." I once doubted that, whether many people regard writing documents and making speeches at the meeting as hard work.

What I want to say is that in the IT industry, everyone talks about transformation, everyone talks about more than 30 years, and ten years later, everyone talks about the way out.All energyIn terms of improving communication skills with computers, programmers should not always ask questions such as "confused, what technology should I learn. Technical experts can be a perfect shot, But Comrade Mao should not be promoted only by being accurate. No matter what work he does, clear thinking is the most basic requirement, however, the two secrets, "clearly written" and "clearly explained", will undoubtedly have more powerful comprehensive competitiveness.

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