Thinking and existence must be transformed from confrontation to identity?

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Kemin: Today we have found a new point of view: the philosophical theory of thinking tools ?!

Terms and definitions
I. thinking tools

Thinking tools are cognitive tools, analysis tools, demonstration tools, and presentation tools provided by philosophical theories. It is the basic means, basic form, and essential feature of thinking to grasp existence.

Why does philosophy provide people with thinking tools? The reason is simple. Because of the opposition between thinking and property, the two are incompatible with water and fire. Without the help of thinking tools, the conflicts between thinking and existence cannot be eliminated. In daily life, the content that people intuitively see is rich and colorful, but the expression forms become words with a single tone. What people think of is something specific, but it turns into an abstract language and concept. People see that the motion is continuous, just as the wheel is always turning after the car starts, as long as it does not turn off, there will be no intermittent interruption, it expresses the form of automobile movement-language, nouns, and concepts, but they are intermittent.

The objective existence of the universe is infinite and never starts and ends. When people express it, they always cut off this continuity and start to analyze and think from a certain link and point. From this point of view, the confrontation between thinking and existence is manifested in many links. We call this confrontation attribute opposition. The so-called property opposition means that there is a fundamentally different nature between thinking and existence, or a completely opposite nature.

According to the rule of dialectics, the opposite is true. On the contrary, the two are closely linked. For the purpose of language communication and mutual communication and understanding, the emergence of logical rules is the process of creating a unified thinking and existence between the two. It can be seen that logical rules are the basic content of thinking tools. Without logical rules, there is no way between thinking and existence to change from confrontation to identity.
Therefore, logical rules are the basic means to achieve the same form between thinking and existence.

However, the same form of thinking and existence does not have a single form but has two different forms. One is abstract and the other is specific. The same abstract is also called the form of the same, the specific one is also called the essence of the same. The two forms constitute the attributes of different logical rules. Abstract and same are the characteristics of the Logical Rules of language. It uses three forms of logical rules: "Same rule", "contradiction law", and "exclusive law" to match the expressed language, nouns, and objective objects one by one, this is the form of the same thinking and existence through subjective provisions. In terms of logical language rules, the content is the name of an objective object, not an abstract symbol. In this way, the communication between different nationalities and languages is in a standard format, and each other must follow the logic rules of the language, so as to realize the same name and entity. The logic diagram is:

The same abstraction and form of the rule are the same: the result of the Language Logic and subjective provision: the same rule, the contradiction Law, and the exclusive law.

The same two forms of thinking and Existence

Distinct is specific and essentially the same: philosophical logic, with the same objectivity: Division-same

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