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1. In fact, C #2.0 already partially supports Mixin, as long as the class is declared as partial.

2. Share

Network shared storage, grid shared CPU computing cycle and memory, P2P networks also share bandwidth, what should be shared?

3. inevitable

If you spend 99% of your work time and 1% of your work time on your own, your boss will coincidentally visit you in that 1% of the time.

4. Meta programmer

The program that generates other programs is called a metaprogram, and the program that is written to other programmers is called a metaprogram.

People tend to think that Yuan programmers are masters, but in fact this is only because you are their customers. Don't forget that you have your own customers, and your customers also need masters.

5. lazy load

Applicable to user interaction scenarios. For background tasks and batch processing tasks, it is best to make all preparations at startup.

6. Two common support/implementation modes of the adapter Mode

Extended Interface, typeconverter (automatic adapter)

7, data processing: pipe and filters, handlers.

The rule engine may be appropriate if you are looking for or matching or verifying something.

8. Synchronized dependent on the service object itself is unreliable. You don't know when it is secretly released.

Separate lock objects or mechanisms are used for Synchronous access to service objects.

A self-compiled object that provides a single-threaded version and a synchronization proxy for Multithreading

9. Keep the object granularity not too large for testing

9.5 whether to extract a function is not dependent on the number of lines of code, but on whether a stable concept that will not change in the short term is required. (the original implementation code is changeable even if there is only one line. You need to wrap it with a function that represents the concept of stability)


10, spring. util. XML, util. xml

For a long time, people have used "classes" as reusable units rather than objects.

Now is the spring era. Why do we not provide spring. util. xml and define common objects as reusable units?

11. Just as new as ever

12. Creativity is boring as much as possible

13. clone_structure_to_test () is the easiest way to read naming rules (closest to an English article, replace spaces with underscores ).


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