Thinking of music playing software

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The earliest use of music playback software is in junior high school bar, music player is the function of playing music. After the use of several music players, there is no much memory. When using the current NetEase cloud music, I first registered an account on the music software.

In the endless situation of music software, a huge amount of resources and beautiful interface is the necessary condition for maintaining competitiveness. Weibo or B station accidentally heard the video background music, NetEase cloud music almost no search, just released the song can be found soon; not only the software background provides audio, but also the user's own when the host upload audio content, on the one hand to further expand the platform resources, On the other hand, increased user activity and nostalgia for the platform. The original interface is neat, advertising image design is also very delicate, let people neglect that is advertising (I was in a point into the picture link to see a few episodes of the wonderful after the reaction that is advertising), NetEase cloud music advertising certainly let it earn a lot. A few days ago in the NetEase cloud music filled a questionnaire, is based on the NetEase cloud music users of NetEase's shopping site user opinion survey.

In addition to the huge resources, update speed, software push function powerful, point into the daily song recommendation always have their own appetite song, this should benefit from the software backstage calculation, according to the user listened to the heart of the song push similar songs. Or statistics of the number of users who have heard a song have heard the B song, the push will give preference to a song users prefer to push B songs (this is the case when reading novels). There are also different styles of songs created by users themselves, the top songs under the marts comments. If a user, in the use of software, have their own accumulation of use, such as music software created by the song, or recite the word in the software Word book recitation progress bar, then, the user is difficult to pull into other similar software.

Many of the software now needs to be registered, even real names. For registered users, good software is built not only to meet the actual needs of users (such as listening to music, watching video), but also to build an atmosphere, a network community, that is, users and users have communication (more or less, through the likes, replies, concerns, etc.).


Thinking of music playing software

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