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There are a number of problems with the WIN8 system on the ThinkPad notebook, such as power management software (Powermanager*.exe, not power management driven), ThinkVantage Communications Utility ( Communications*.exe) and so on.

If you install the hotkey driver (Sihotkey*.exe), you will find that fn+f3 (power management), FN+F8 (small red Riding Hood and touchpad settings) can not be used, and FN+F5 (wireless settings) into the switch Win8 from the flight mode, FN+F6 (camera and audio settings will appear as shown in the following illustration.

Then how to solve it, look for a new drive on the WIN8, if you look closely at the Lenovo Web site, you will find that Win8 is driven by a new driver, that is, the Lenovo Settings Dependency (Setting*.exe), This driver is limited to WINDOWS8 installation, but the installation is over, these hotkeys still appear before the problem.

But from the name point of view, this is not a separate program, after installing this program, but also need to go to the Windows8 App store to download a "Lenovo Settings" Metro application, that is, install the following image of the application can be installed after the installation will find that FN+F6 has been available, It includes not only the previous camera and audio settings, but also the power supply, wireless hotspot settings, and so on.

Solutions for power management issues:

Although Lenovo wants you to use the new Metro interface to manage common settings on WINDOWS8, the options you can set in the Lenovo settings are still less, especially for power management settings. Under the Lenovo settings, you can only view the power supply connection status, battery health status (to show a good, with no and what the difference), in addition to the yellow mouth USB charging and whether to enable battery latency, so we also need to install Win7 like the Power management software.

If you download the Win7 Power Manager (v6.4x) directly from the official web, you will be prompted for errors that cannot be installed, but it is interesting to note that if you download v6.30, you can install it directly. Of course, it is recommended that you install Lenovo's ThinkVantage System update software, after installation to get the next update will find unexpectedly prompts you to update to the Power Manager v7.34, updated as shown in the following picture, but do not know why the official network does not have this drive.

After installation, you will be able to see the Power Manager icon in the system's power options as well as Win7, and open the Power Manager to see the battery status and set the power configuration as before.

What's the difference between Win7 and Win8 hotkeys?

So far, although the Power Manager installed, but FN+F3 is not available, in fact, this is because Win8 under the hot Key driver and Win7 under different reasons. If you have previously customized a Win7 hotkey driver, you may know that the hotkey definition is in the registry Hklmsoftwareibmtphotkeyclass or Hklmsoftwarelenovotphotkeyclass, as shown in the following figure.

However, on the WIN8, the hotkey defined in the registry has changed position in Hklmsoftwarelenovoshortcutkeyapplaunch, and, because of both desktop and Metro applications, It also specifically adds a Apptype attribute, where apptype=2 indicates that the hotkey corresponds to the metro application, under which an item named Metro should be built and a string named URI and PackageName added, for example, after the installation of the Lenovo Settings After dependency, the following key values appear.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Apptype" =dword:00000002


"URI" = "Lenovo-metro-settings:param?"

"PackageName" = "Lenovocorporation.lenovosettings_4642shxvsv8s2"

If it's a desktop application, then apptype=1, and you should create an item named Desktop, and the key in the desktop key corresponds to Tphotkey, for example, if you have fn+f3 turn on power management, you should create a registry key that resembles the following ( The specific directory may be different).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Apptype" =dword:00000001


"File" = "C:progra~2thinkpadutilit~1pwmosdv.exe"

"Lockedmode" =dword:00000001

"Parameters" = ""

In this way, you can open the dialog box for the power scheme by FN+F3, like Win7.

And if you need to Fn+f8 set up small red hat and touchpad, you also need to install ULTRANAV Auxiliary Program (Ultranavutility*.exe), this program in the Win8 driver is not, but after testing, applicable to the Win7 version of the same applies to Win8, So just download the corresponding Win7 version. The same can be done with tphotkey, such as the following registry key (the specific directory may be different).

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Apptype" =dword:00000001


"File" = "C:progra~1thinkpadultran~1unavosd.exe"

"Parameters" = "/osd"


Similarly, you can also customize Fn+f5, ThinkVantage (serial number for ex_17) and so on, because I have no Bluetooth notebook and 3G, so the fn+f5 into flight mode for me, I also did not install access connections, Interested can try it on their own.

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