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It's not a small number of laptops with ultra-high performance in the market, but they're actually very thick, not easy to carry, and sometimes even more like desktops than desktops. However, not all high-performance notebooks have a very heavy shape, today to introduce you to the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Extremely is the representative, become a lot of the pursuit of performance of business users preferred.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch comes with a 1600x900 resolution display and a spacious and comfortable display and a soft, body base. The whole machine price 1779 dollars (about 10900 yuan).

Exterior design

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon touch and the previous generation X1 Carbon have maintained a high degree of consistency, based on the traditional and luxurious design style of the ThinkPad series, using the carbon fiber rear cover and the metal magnesium base to ensure the body's feel, And the weight of the whole machine is controlled in a certain range. Metal magnesium base and wrist care whether in the handheld or in the text input, can obtain excellent experience in the use.

X1 Carbon Touch of workmanship from beginning to the beginning, according to Lenovo official introduction, the whole machine through the military grade material certification, and these tests are at the extreme altitude, and accompanied by the harsh environment of sand. In terms of security, a fingerprint identification lock is also set on the right side of the fuselage touchpad to prevent identification.

It is worth mentioning that, although the X1 Carbon touch screen has been added, but compared to X1 Carbon the overall thickness of the machine has not changed. The same is 7.62 cm x22.6 cm x1.9 cm, weighing only 1.5 kg, only 0.13 kg heavier than the X1 carbon.

Keyboard and Touch pad

The X1 Carbon and X1 Carbon touch, like many ultra-extreme copies of the current market, use the island-style chocolate backlight keyboard, which is much superior to the MacBook Air. Compared with the t430s of the keyboard, X1 Carbon Touch of the button and appear angular.

The fuselage keypad backlight supports three setting modes: OFF, low light, and highlighted. The actual test results show that basically the low light mode can be used, highlighting backlight too dazzling.

Like other ThinkPad branded products, the X1 Carbon touch is also a tiny red-cap rocker with two eyes and a superb experience, which is a favorite element of many old ThinkPad users, and has continued in the ThinkPad series. Even for those who have never been in touch with a small red-cap rocker, they are able to quickly get started and enjoy the ability to easily control the mouse pointer with their fingers on the rocker.

For users who prefer touchpad manipulation, the 4x25-inch glass touchpad that the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is also one of the reasons to Fondle admiringly. However, due to the use of glass material, so the smooth surface will often lead to large areas of selected text suitable for drop frames, and then select the wrong range. In addition, the touch pad built-in mouse button, each click will provide sound feedback.

Touch pad multi-touch Performance with Windows 8 gesture control, the use of excellent experience, but also there is a full position of the error, such as when the touchpad suddenly stop responding when sliding, the operating system will burst "unable to connect to the" Synaptics pointing Device Driver "(Unable to connect to Synaptics Touch device driver), but the problem was resolved after the reboot.

Screen display

The X1 Carbon touch Display has a much larger response and effect than a non-contact version, but it is clearly distinguished from the gloss in the traditional concept. In other words, Lenovo has achieved a very good balance in the touch and image quality of the device-maximizing the touch experience of the screen without sacrificing the image display effect. The image details of the 1600 x 900 resolution display are delicate and can accommodate more content than the 1366x768 resolution screen.

In addition to the outstanding screen display effect, X1 Carbon Touch visual angle is also outstanding, any angle can be clearly read screen content, for business users have a very strong pertinence.

Compared to the non-contact version, X1 Carbon touch screen brightness is slightly lower, the maximum brightness of 257 lux, although exceeding the extremely high average 227lux, when compared to X1 Carbon of 290 lux is much worse.

The main touch performance is also outstanding, up to 10 points of touch control, the smooth touch effect, sliding between applications, ie browser in the double finger scaling the same effect outstanding.


X1 Carbon Touch and the previous generation of Non-contact version, built-in a clear sound of the bottom of the speaker, in the volume to the maximum when there is no sound of the phenomenon of breaking. X1 Carbon Touch Outstanding sound effects thanks to the Dolby V 4 Home theatre application software optimized to provide users with high-fidelity sound effect, this feature is particularly noticeable in music playback mode.


The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is also good at cooling control, and is able to keep a cool touchscreen experience in full screen with 15 minutes of Hulu's online video. After playing, G and H key between the temperature of about 28.3 degrees Celsius, touchpad temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, and the whole machine internal temperature of 28.3 degrees Celsius, all the temperature is controlled under 35 degrees Celsius, in the body temperature acceptable normal range of peripheral interface

Peripheral interface

Peripheral interface, X1 Carbon Touch is not the most, but there are basic. Includes two USB ports (one of which is a USB 3.0 interface), SD card slot, video output interface and so on. However, Ethernet and VGA interface need to be implemented through the wiring, in addition, the fuselage equipped with the wireless network switch a little bit of chicken, after all, the function button has provided a Wi-Fi switch function.


The fuselage is equipped with a 900,000 pixel support 720p video recording of the front camera, is also not the most extreme of this product, but still can meet the user's simple video conferencing needs, especially in low light environment, still can provide a brighter image display, and the fuselage built-in microphone is also very suitable for calls.


The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is equipped with the Intel Core i7-3667u processor, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD, and the overall configuration is ideal for Windows 8 operating systems. With a solid-state drive, a randomly running Windows 8 operating system starts with only 16 seconds, almost half of the X1 carbon boot Windows 7 time (30 seconds).

SSD's performance in file transfer is also remarkable, the copy contains video, music and pictures a total of 4.97GB of the transfer rate of the folder is 111MBps, than the extremely high average level of 31MBps.

Under the 3DMark test, the score of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch was 32650, 3787 and 512 in ice, wind and fire respectively.

Battery Endurance

X1 Carbon Touch of battery endurance, laptop Battery test benchmark results show that in the case of WiFi connection and brightness to 40%, the results of the continuous browsing of the Web page is 5 hours and 52 minutes, which is 18 minutes worse than the ultra-extreme average, rather than The Windows 7 version X1 Carbon (7 hours and 45 minutes) was nearly 2 hours short.

But what is satisfying is Lenovo's official Rapidcharge fast-charge technology. According to the official introduction, 30 minutes can be X1 Carbon touch charge 70% of the power, and 90 minutes can be fully filled. In the actual test, the total discharge in the case of 40 minutes can be charged to 90%, the result is quite surprising.

Applications and software

The X1 Carbon touch comes with 14 apps, including Windows for your hire and desktop software, and Lenovo companion includes a few simple guidelines, fast-connect authentication applications, and friendly settings applications. In addition, Lenovo has prepared a separate customer support application for users, which provides a guide to use, as well as quick access to online services and query warranty information and operating system health services.

Third-party applications include Rara music, Kindle, Evernote, Skitch,, Skype, and so on. Also randomly preinstalled Microsoft Office 2010, but users need to activate using activation code (the country line version of the preinstalled application will be different). In addition, the extremely pre-installed Norton Internet Security software can provide very excellent interruption-free service.

Curiously, the test machine sometimes only accesses the Windows store using an account preinstalled by Lenovo, but sometimes it allows the use of third-party Microsoft accounts.

Lenovo's official fingerprint identification software allows users to quickly turn on the boot, and once the authorization system is activated, even in a closed state, users simply have to swipe their fingers to start and log into the operating system.


The X1 Carbon touch screen is a good choice if consumers want to get the most out of Windows 8 user experience. Even when Windows 8 is optimized specifically for the mouse and keyboard, touch-assisted input can provide a decidedly different operating experience for the user. But the relatively general duration of the X1 Carbon Touch is ranked top of the list of Windows 8 ultra-polar, even the rapid charge rapid charging technology can not compensate for the non-contact version of the 2-hour gap.

Of course, X1 carbon The design of this series of products is still very commendable, the fuselage is shallow, feel superior, backlight keyboard comfortable, and the accurate Little Red Riding Hood also arouse many users of the resonance, and 1600x900 display whether in brightness, color restoration or visual angle are more prominent. Based on the Core i5 processor, the performance of the machine is also satisfactory. These factors may be the main yardstick by which consumers choose the Windows 8 trackpad.


Thin outer shape

Excellent keyboard and touch pad

The delicate display effect

Excellent performance

Light weight


No Ethernet interface

Bad battery

The price is on the high side

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