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The code is as follows: Copy code
{Dede: arclist row = '10' orderby = 'Id desc 'titlelen = ''}
<Li> [field: title] </li>
{/Dede: arclist}
{Pc: content action = "hits" catid = "6" num = "10" order = "views DESC "}
{Loop $ data $ r}
<Li >{$ r [title]} </li>

This is what makes them powerful. Next we will introduce THINKPHP's powerful TAG Extension Library. Thinkphp comes with a tag Extension Library. As long as we inherit TagLib, we can define our own tags as needed.
Naming rules:
TagLib + tag library name. class. php
The following example shows how to call the navigation file name TagLibNav. class. php.

The code is as follows: Copy code

<? Php
Class TagLibNav extends TagLib {
// Whether to close the attr attribute list (0 or 1 by default). alias tag alias level nested hierarchy
// Tag definition
Protected $ tags = array (
'Nav' => array ('attr' => 'Limit, Order', 'level' => 3, 'close' => 1 ),

// Define the query database tag www.111cn. Net
// Attr is the attribute list and $ content stores the content between tags.
Public function _ nav ($ attr, $ content ){
$ Tag = $ this-> parseXmlAttr ($ attr, $ content );
$ Cate = M ('channel ');
$ Tb = $ cate-> order ($ tag ['order'])-> limit ($ tag ['limit'])-> select ();
$ Str = '';
For ($ I = 0; $ I <count ($ tb); $ I ++)
$ C = str_replace (array ("[filed: id]", "[filed: name]"), array ($ tb [$ I] ['id'], $ tb [$ I] ['name']), $ content );
$ Str. = $ c;
Return $ str;

Html call method

The code is as follows: Copy code
<TagLib name = "nav"/> // The header must be referenced. Otherwise, an error occurs.
<Title> tablist </title>
<Div class = "nav">
<Li> homepage </li>
<Nav: nav limit = '4' order = 'Id asc '>
<Li> <a href = "[filed: id]"> [filed: name] </a> </li>
</Nav: nav>

Configuration file
'App _ AUTOLOAD_PATH '=>' @. TagLib ', // The location of TagLib @. Indicates the location in the current folder
'Taglib _ BUILD_IN '=> 'cx, Nav', // Cx is the name of the thinkphp Base Class Library, which must be referenced; otherwise, tags such as volist cannot be used, and Nav is the name of the custom label.

The code is as follows: Copy code
<? Php
Class IndexAction extends Action {
Public function index (){
$ This-> display ();

In this way, you don't need to write a lot of code in the controller !! Is it easy?

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