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The javafx 2.0 Platform Preview includes the javafx SDK, which provides tools and technologies for application development.

This release provides Java APIs for javafx, which provides open functions for Java developers and enables a large number of Java development tools to be used to develop javafx applications. In addition, this release also provides:

    • The high-performance image engine provides advanced support for making simple, smooth, and fast rich images.
    • Media engine, supporting network-based multimedia content backend operations.
    • Network component: HTML can be bound to javafx applications.
    • The Extension Set of the UI control, such as charts, tables, menus, and panes.
    • Fxml (XML-based Markup Language), which can define user interfaces.
    • ExampleProgramTo quickly display the features of this technology.



Currently, the javafx application can only run on the Mac system desktop.


System Requirements

Javafx 2.0 Developer Preview in Mac OS requires the following software:

    • Operating System-Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
    • JDK-JDK 6 U 26 or higher


The javafx file in Mac is a zip file.

Installation Method:

    1. Download the javafx sdk zip file from
    2. Extract the SDK file from the ZIP file to the local directory.


The javafx sample program downloads the ZIP file in the and decompress it to the directory containing the SDK, the directory structure is similar to this:

Javafx-sdk2.0 \

Bin \

Docs \

Javafx-samples-2.0 \

RT \




To run the application on the desktop, double-click the. jar file.

TheSource codeAll under the javafx-samples-2.0 \ src directory. You want to view the sourceCode, To the javafx-samples-2.0 \ SRC \ sample directory, there are applications you are interested in. The source code of each sample is a Nb project. Follow
Setting up netbeans ide with javafx 2.0 creates an application in Nb.

Known bugs and issues

The following problems are found. For more information about the subsequent figures, see the Report in javafx issuesdashboard.

    • In the dock and menu bar, the application name can only be "Java" and cannot be changed. The names in "about" and "exit" are "Glass" and cannot be changed. [RT-12113, RT-13010]
    • When the window is displayed for the first time, a black screen is displayed because of uncoordinated visual flashes. RT-16804
    • No user feedback is provided for the drag operation. [RT-16307, RT-14624]

Workspace: receives a cursor and displays an image in a floating window to reflect the drag operation.

    • Possible exceptions when exiting [RT-14118, RT-15599]


Hanging or broken during application addition in the workspace is unlikely.


    • It is known that there is a blending when rendering. RT-12852
    • 3D rendering is not supported. [RT-13234, RT-13230]
    • Poor Support for Mac OS gradient. [RT-10565]
    • Error dialog box. [RT-13739] not displayed to user
    • Caps Lock is invalid in textfield and textarea. [RT-16616]
    • You cannot cut, copy, or paste. [RT-16475] In textfield

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