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Third Week study progress bar







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Know the point of knowledge

① in class Two people discussed the contents of the work, found that when the discussion is very simple to feel everything, but when writing is particularly difficult.

② When writing code, it's a good way to really block the program.

① in writing code is originally wanted to put the true fractional value to a A3, but I define the A3 is an int Type, later know, should be The string type.

? Problem: ① was writing code to write a function to reduce the number of code, but my true score is a string type, my function can only be used int type, but it has not been able to write.

② in writing, do not know how to put a loop and then regenerate a random number as a function call.

① a lot of problems when writing code, for example: When writing code, I found that if the IF statement did not write else , an error is displayed.

② in writing code, there will be a lot of problems, we can only seriously change the mistakes, everything is possible.

① in the writing cycle must remember the loop condition within the range, and the divisor must not be zero.

② in writing code, some of our problems arise, must be resolved at that time, otherwise, the code will be changed a lot.

③ learned today how to change the cast

① summarizes the problem and finds that all the problems will be solved.

Third Week progress bar

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