This is my experience in the 51CTO soft exam Sirdalone Teacher Class!

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Thank you teacher Xue's careful guidance! It's really just one time.

Three-piece experience:

First, serious valet lectures. Speaking of lectures, my method is to prepare the textbook, where the teacher said, with a marker pen where, listen to the teacher's explanation, the important content is often mentioned repeatedly. For example: Chapter 42 Sutra. Generally after a class will have a day or a day of the interval, do not idle, repeat what the teacher said, and with handouts and exercises appropriate reinforcement. The core knowledge points must be memorized in the back of the record. Class said to see, really just want you to see, master the righteousness can.

Second, the use of lectures on the topic, contact each chapter knowledge points, seriously study, practice.

Talk about structure, content summary of very in place, do not need to start from scratch, spend too much effort. I print out all the chapters of this chapter, and I will review and practise a chapter after listening to each lesson. If you find that the knowledge points are not clear, you can hear the teacher's lessons, while get books back positioning check. This carefree matter, the knowledge point naturally remembers more than half.

Three, carefully prepare 1-2 papers, it is best to write it again, and back down.

Follow Xue Teacher study paper writing ideas, through his A little dial, enlightened.

Of course, Xue Teacher will also help students chuanjiang custody issues, you just need to seriously valet, sincere preparation, practical review, of course, also have to put the word practice good. I believe there must be no problem.

In the examination room, the paper is a physical work, really! Do not allow you to go to the new idea, is to put the things in your brain to the previous preparation of a brain poured out, no extra time. ~ ~ Prepared, not sure to go through, not ready, definitely dead!

These three experiences, seemingly nothing, but do still have to pay a hard work! There is a premise before these three, I believe you will be as good as me, you have to quote a class. Oh!

I wish you all a happy exam review!

This article from the "Crooked Don't" blog, declined reprint!

This is my experience in the 51CTO soft exam Sirdalone Teacher Class!

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