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First of all, you do not need to register in the, but use your Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other famous international network company mailbox directly login. Of course, your real user name and password are used. After logging in, it automatically imports your mailing address, and regards anyone in the address book as your friend. Then, based on their e-mail address, find out all kinds of web site services they registered with this address. For example, a message sent on Twitter, a picture added on the Flickr, and a blog content on the livespace. It is said that there are 22 types of services.
My Gmail and Hotmail each had 450 contacts, but in five minutes, more than 800 people were immediately found in during many online activities. Although its privacy Clause protects contacts and users, the results are still quite shocking. The movie "Snoop Storm" always makes people feel like everyone has nothing to hide in the face of powerful network technologies.

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