This is an era that is easy to scare

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Two days ago, I saw this article on infoq, "You scared me, moss ". Well, what I want to say is:This is an era that is easy to scare.

If I say here how easy Sharepoint is to use and how friendly it is to developers, there will be many developers who have been "destroyed" by Sharepoint or are being "destroyed" by it. They want to jump into the computer in front of them, and then rush to me along a long network cable, shaking around my neck and shouting: "You are lying, you are lying, you are lying... "so I have to admit that if you start learning Sharepoint, it may be very difficult at the very beginning, or even take a long time, in order to have a clear understanding of the overall picture of SharePoint. From this perspective, Sharepoint can really scare us.

However, in this "best" and "worst" era, what else is easy for a developer to do? The era of learning Delphi to get everything done is gone forever. To survive in the industry of developers, everyone must constantly read a large amount of content and learn various innovative technologies. Think about it, even if you are just a web site that is not complex, you also need to understand CLR, C #, Asp. net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ADO. net, Orm, LINQ, Flash/Silverlight, iis... every day, you will see various new products, new technologies, and new terms on the Internet. It seems that you should learn everything. No matter which platform you are developing (. NET/Java/mobile...), this situation is almost unavoidable. You will always find that every time you feel that you have a deep understanding of something, its next version seems to be coming soon. The customer's requirements are getting higher and higher, but the boss wants you to solve all the problems by yourself, while the system you develop becomes more and more complex, you want to simplify the problems you encounter by introducing an ABC class library or XYZ framework, but soon find that they will bring more complexity, and you need to integrate various things together.

what I actually want to say is, well, even if you decide not to touch Sharepoint, no matter what you plan to touch, the situation will not be good. This is the status quo of our current era. We need to build an unprecedented huge system, and we will face unprecedented and arduous challenges. We are using an unprecedented complex tool, we need to become an unprecedented "powerful" Program . If we cannot make our nerves stronger than ever, we can only be scared every day. :)

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