This is the official version! WIN10 First Anniversary update the PC version usage experience

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Microsoft will formally release the WIN10 one-year update on September 30, 2016, the development of this version of the program has been completed, the RTM version has been sent to OEM tablet, the basic preparation is complete. How good is this version? Is it better to use than the previous WINDOWS10? Is it worth the win7/win8.1 users to be assured of a bold upgrade? After watching the IT home experience, I believe you will have an answer in your heart.

First, installation--wenqing temperament

WIN10 installation process in nature and Windows7/windows 8.1 is not very different, or much the same, to say the difference is also in the final setup phase. Because of the new features of Win10, the Cortana helper has come to the desktop, so some items about privacy settings are reflected in subsequent settings. However, if you are too troublesome, you can use the recommended setting of a button to complete the daily needs, the importance of personal privacy bbin can be viewed individually.

For account establishment, WIN10 recommends using Microsoft account login, if you do not have this account, you can apply at installation, need to use mobile phone and email information, and usually register other network account steps are similar. If you prefer to log in with a traditional local account, you can also directly set up, the user from the Win7 upgrade directly to the default local account login, in order to not give users trouble, but in the future to use the App Store and other applications need to connect the account, the system will remind you to register one. So, if you're a regular home user, registering for a Microsoft account should be a matter of the sooner or later.

After these settings, Win10 's "wenqing" feature begins to attack, saying that it is not a word to read poetry. Again into the setting in front of the table, sentence after sentence of ancient prose and poetry gushing, there are a few words or we are very familiar with, such as "have friends from afar, Joy", "Jiange and Cui Wei, Wan Fumo, Fumo opens", "small lotus only dew sharp point, there are dragonflies standing up," "Sea memory confidant, Tianya if near" ... The content is unique to the Chinese version, in order to reflect the localization features of WIN10. These ancient prose and poetry are combined with the introduction of WIN10 's new features, such as "Wan Fumo, Fumo opens" with the introduction of "These updates can provide better protection in the network environment." However, users of this setting is mixed, like the user said that the introduction of Chinese traditional culture "China wind" set very connotation, embodies the unique charm of Chinese culture; people who do not like "poetry" say many of these statements are "farfetched" ... In fact, a careful study of the meaning of the statement, these things are still right, but some of the meaning may be more obscure, resulting in some users can not easily understand. There are some users feel this kind of typesetting is somewhat blunt, after all, the above poetry should be as background knowledge appears, so should not be with the function of the body piece together, the future version should think about the typesetting problem. After "race poetry", we formally entered the desktop to start using.

Second, desktop and Start menu--return to the true

For win7/win8.1 users, the desktop looks and doesn't change much, perhaps a Cortana search bar in the taskbar. But if you click the Start button, you'll see that the new Start menu changes a little. This change is also more obvious for users who are still using the WIN10 version 10240 and 10586. The previous "All Programs" no longer defaults to the level two menu, but is displayed directly in the menu bar, and the user, File Explorer, settings and Power buttons are uniformly placed in the mini-sidebar at the bottom left. This change is actually to restore the nature of the Start menu-the provider boot, the installed programs are all listed here, users just scroll this menu to find the desired program and application.

In addition, the taskbar changes are also obvious, if you right-click on the taskbar blank area, you will find the last item's "Properties" changed to "settings", after the click will go into the modern version of the settings to be configured to replace the original WIN32 version of the taskbar properties. This setting is an important part of the modern improvement of the WIN10 interface. In the notification area to the right of the taskbar, you'll also notice that the Action Center icon is moved to the far right. In fact, the change in the Operation Center is not just the location of the icon changes, the function itself has made great strides, let us say in detail below.

Third, Operation Center--intimate and easy to use

This feature is the first anniversary update of the focus on the improvement of content, the new version of the Operation center layout more beautiful, neat, more convenient to use. Specifically, application notification group management, each app group by default displays the last three items, the extra will be folded up, but the number can be manually set, but also support the picture display, which allows the Operation Center illustrated. There is a sort problem, in general, important application content will be ranked at the top, higher priority, such as Cortana, of course, the application priority can also be set manually. There is also an obvious improvement is the operation center under the "quick action" can be dragged in the settings to change the position, the operation of the project can be more intuitive to increase or decrease, design more humane.

Action Center notifications don't just reflect the current system's content, and if your WIN10 mobile phone and Android phone are logged into the same Microsoft account as your computer, and Cortana is turned on, you can receive notifications on your computer, such as low battery, SMS, incoming calls, and so on. All Action Center notifications are reflected in the icon's Corner label before the user views it, and the number above represents the remaining unread message.

Iv. Windows Ink Ink workspace-whatever you want

On the left side of the taskbar Action Center icon, tablet and touch-enabled pens display the stylus icon, and a right-hand column similar to Action Center appears when clicked, which is what the stylus adds to Windows ink. This feature can be said to facilitate the sale of WIN10 two or tablet devices with a stylus, since Windows ink can give users very close to the actual smart handwriting experience, whether in painting or handwriting.

This feature has three components, namely notes, grass boards, and screen sketches. The notes are evolved from the previous "sticky Notes," which are smart, recognize handwriting, and work with Cortana to directly perform handwritten tasks, such as writing down a phone number, writing a flight number, and then querying ... All the users have to do is write down what they want.

Grass drawing board can be used for simple painting, there are ruler tools to facilitate users to draw straight lines. Writing a lot of times may not be a good way to describe a particular situation, and sketching is a very good approach. In the WIN10 anniversary update, you can do this as long as you have a stylus, or use your finger \ mouse. Similar to the sketch board is the screen sketch function, it can directly intercept the current screen, and then you can be arbitrary to mark the screen to send friends and family.

V. Cortana Cortana--personal secretary

This is just one of the features of the new version of Cortana when it comes to combining sticky notes with Cortana. Another improvement is the lock screen wake-up, which allows users to use Cortana when they lock the screen and display it in full screen. In addition, this version of Cortana, combined with third-party applications, can provide a closer service to users without having to manually switch to Cortana for queries. In addition to the above in the Operation Center mentioned in the WIN10 device notification interoperability features, but also the new bright spot.

Improved Cortana is more ubiquitous and easier to use. Now the lock screen can operate Cortana without the hassle of understanding locks, and if it's not a big deal, it's better to just say it. Computers are designed to make things easier for people, so it's best to omit all unnecessary operations. There is Cortana and the application of the combination, which is also the embodiment of human nature, something directly asked "around" Cortana, rather than deliberately "run" asked, this is called the personal secretary.

Six, Edge Browser--expand to join

The most obvious improvement of this new browser is the addition of extension programs. This feature comes from third-party browsers such as Chrome, which is also available in the soft-media swordfish browser. It can greatly enrich the functionality of the browser itself, so that the browser has unlimited possibilities. Extensions are available through the store, but the number of extensions is limited at the moment, but over time, more developers will be developing extension programs for edge browsers.

In addition to the new features, Edge browser reliability and compatibility has been improved, and now use this browser to open the Web page problem less, the use of the traditional third-party browser experience gap is gradually narrowing.

Seven, App Store--cool and useful

Win10 the first anniversary of the updated version of the App Store has also made a more obvious revision, the new version of the store more convenient operation, the interface more beautiful atmosphere. As the only tool to download and install the app, the download and installation progress bar of the new version of the store becomes obvious, the user can clearly see the file download installation progress, for larger files, such as "Quantum Broken" and "extreme Racing 6: Peak" and other DX12 games can more freely control the download, You can pause and resume the download at any time, and you can continue to pass the breakpoint after encountering network problems. In the testing phase, the speed of domestic users to download large files experience is not very good, but after several months of improvement and running-in, many users are now feedback speed has been greatly improved.

Another is the impression of the store, the top of the homepage recommendation and collection using the form of tile, background are beautiful picture content, appear colorful, content eye-catching. The top title background of each theme is also a high-quality picture that can significantly enhance the overall visual effect. And the background of each application page is re-created according to the main color of the application logo, with the gradient as the background, concise and elegant. The following text describes the layout of the regular, can be based on the size of the window adaptive format. But the drawback is that many applications are not introduced in Chinese, even if the developers from non-Chinese countries, Microsoft should also be the key content to translate, at least let the users do not understand the foreign language to know what this is for. Maybe you can say that Apple and the Android store are like this, but can't the Win10 store do better? These translation workloads are very large, but can be in the review of the new version of the simple translation of the main content, no new version of the application can be done for the time being, so targeted by the way, does not seem particularly tired. To do a good job of Win10 localization, you should also do the details well.

Eight, tablet mode-operation more Walk

The new tablet mode is more convenient to operate and visually more eye-pleasing. Microsoft has re-enabled some of the Win8.1 features in the first anniversary version of Tablet mode, and has also used a new design. The most obvious is that the start screen "all applications" like Win8.1 is arranged in the middle of the screen, of course, there is also a tile form, the key overall layout is not as simple as the original Start menu, the application list of the middle screen for the vertical sliding page, rather than Win8.1 the same landscape. This design takes into account the user's usage habits and visual perception, the operation is more convenient. Also, the user can manually set the application to automatically hide the taskbar, so that the visual more pure, no other project interference, when needed can be summoned at any time.

However, some details of the design needs to be further elaborated, such as the menu letter index is too concentrated in the center of the screen, and non-flat mode is not different, this may not be suitable for touch operation, aesthetics is not enough, if you can pull large spacing to enlarge the size may be better.

Nine, set--elegant and practical

This important feature does not have a particularly big change, but the small and medium-sized improvements are endless. The first is the Yan value promotion, although there are users said that the so-called Win10 style is black and white, no other design can speak, but if in black and white can be arranged properly, also not seen than the color difference. The new version of the layout is a higher level than the old one, the left column contains the buttons to the home page, the search box, as well as the icon of the sub-item tag, neat fashion. The right functional layout is also more rules, the drop-down menu options for each item are unified on the top, the following is the function switch, the previous mix appears more cluttered.

Although the current distance settings completely replace the control panel there is a long way to go, but the new feature settings will appear in the app, the first anniversary of the updated version of the Setup project richer. For example, the modern interface can be selected black theme, suitable for dark light use at night, not glare. Network settings are more professional and comprehensive, although the specific settings still need to rely on the control Panel, but the macro interface has been completed, the various settings of the portal in this interface, ordinary users do not need to enter the control panel can be set. There are many other improvements, and this article does not give an example.

X. Windows defender--Free and efficient

Starting with win8/win8.1, Microsoft has truly integrated antivirus Windows Defender, the predecessor of which mse,win7 users can download for free. Before this kind of killing soft basically is very low-key, whether is avira behavior or external image, all try not to let the user discover. But as Win10 's royal bodyguard, Microsoft decided to let Windows Defender, in the first anniversary update not only changed the icon to kill the soft commonly used "shield", but also joined the "offline anti-virus" function, it is obvious that these actions are the built-in kill soft want to enter the mainstream of the flag to kill soft ranks.

Want to enter the mainstream line to kill soft ranks, only with these "face project" is not in the world foothold, because "skin kill soft" may only in some areas of the domestic market. If you want to make your fame real, you have to rely on your own powerful avira. According to the most recent two times WIN10 system av-test kill soft evaluation, Windows defender scored 14 points and 13.5 points (18 points), compared with the previous 10 points of progress is very big, ordinary users daily protection is not a problem. "Offline anti-virus" function is a lot of paid third-party killing soft one of the main functions, which allows users in a clean environment to kill viruses, more efficient, Windows defender without a USB flash drive and other media can realize the function, it is worth a try.

Conclusion: Enhancing space--great potential

From the current situation, WIN10 development has taken off the previous tender, is a development completed system, but the distance is still a long way to go. For some details of the problem this article does not introduce, interested friends to see "Feedback Center" can find a lot of, for example, the problem of incomplete Chinese. It home is to say is the macro level of the promotion of space, of course, the most obvious is the modern interface to continue to advance. Because the Redstone (Redstone) series is basically perfect Win10 function, so modern interface improvements did not advance too much, after all, this project is indeed too amazing, but if the interface is not finished production, I'm afraid it's hard to say that Win10 's interface has been really developed (the functionality is endless).

▲ Picture Description: Third party Modern file explorer conceptual design

Say again the function, the function experience this matter actually is also with the times, the user will always have the higher request, therefore the function consummation must always carry on, especially to the Windows Ink, Cortana this kind of new function, the Microsoft should maintain the close attention, and continuously the improvement. In addition, some use of a few features should be gradually removed from the team, or to optimize the integration, perhaps not the user does not need this function, but the experience is poor, user somebody else.

There is the overall system performance, reliability, stability and details of the problem, these can be said to be very not obvious things, like the city's sewers, the surface can not see, a rain on the full understanding. A good drainage system in a city can keep the city from the storm, but only the city that makes the face-engineering is sure to see the sea when it rains. Win10 to really mature, you have to let yourself inside and out are all very excellent, not only the function eye-catching, but also to prohibit the user's various complex situation test, all aspects have to be considered comprehensive. Now Win7 is still favored by many users, is because the system is proven, has honed very mature. Now WIN10 also entered the sharpening period, the user volume has been very much, and is still growing, Microsoft to take advantage of the advantages of a good number of users, and improve the details of the system, to make Win10 as soon as possible mature and beyond the Win7. But to be honest, it is now time for ordinary win7/win8.1 users to upgrade Win10.

This is the official version! WIN10 First Anniversary update the PC version usage experience

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