This is the story of a 24-Year-Old programmer with a monthly salary of 10 K and A 22-Year-Old Market girl with a monthly salary of 3 K. Do you have one?

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MAN: 10 k monthly salary, software engineer, motivated, filial piety, love everyone he loves, including women. The first thing that comes to mind for every penny is to repay everyone who has helped him. He has been working for two years, most of the wages are for paying off debts, rent, house decoration, and home appliances, while for women, clothes, mobile phones, snacks, etc, there are not many activities, such as movies and tourism. After two years of work, there are still 20 thousand arrearage in addition to credit cards, and all personal debts are paid off. He has paid too little for the life of a woman, but he cannot pay as much as others. He thinks about who else has not yet paid the debt. He is sorry, sorry, I am sorry for the girl. It doesn't matter if the man is married. He just wants to get married first, then continue to work hard, and then buy a house in Beijing or on the edge. He can afford what a woman wants, but only if he gets married first, he can wait for a room at first, but the old man cannot wait. The man has malism. He will not buy a house near his daughter's house. Either in your hometown or in Beijing.


Women: monthly salary of 3 k, Hebei women, market specialists, considerate, filial piety, everyone who loves her, including men, working for one year. Love each other with men, love what women like, love little romance, seldom travel with men, get along for two years, only once Happy Valley, once in Tianjin, I have never received any flowers or small surprises from men. Most of the oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, clothes, food, and the comfort of the man. She does not have high requirements for men. She wants to have a 90-square-meter house on the edge of Beijing before she gets married. This is the elegant marriage that women want as women. She loves men and knows the conditions of a house, but the woman does not agree that this House is a house in Qufu City, the old man's home, but more than 90 square meters on the side of Beijing. The woman just wants to get married before, first, there is a home that can go home from work. She just wants to pay the first payment and get married again, but their jobs are all in Beijing.


However, due to the conflict of time and money, the old man's wish conflicts with the marital conditions that the women's family wants.

Since most programmers have XX attitudes, I am here to remind you of the key to your problem (except for men's super disgusting attitude)

1. The House cannot be purchased in a suitable place (Beijing) within a few years
2. It is too inappropriate to buy a house in an inappropriate place (Hebei). The 15 W in the article can really pay for the house on the edge. What will happen in two years? Two years later, have you considered the capital of cars, children, and medical treatment for the elderly?
3. Getting married within three years will not give women a proper home.
4. Five years later, when I had a house, I dared not bet on the old man's last wish.

Think twice and leave a message. How do you face this problem?

If yes, can you give them some solutions?



Women 22:38:09
Husband, I still want to tell you something.
Man 22:38:14
Women 22:38:48
I want to buy a house
Women 22:38:56
Want to get married
Man 22:39:10
Yeah, I already said that.
Man 22:39:10
Women 22:39:17
Women 22:39:28
I want to implement
Women 22:39:36
Forget it.
Man 22:39:41
Man 22:39:44
Women 22:41:17
This year, I almost made up a down payment, saw a house, made a loan, built a house for one year next year, renovated it in the next year, and got married exactly 26.
Man 22:42:07
Where to buy a house
Women 22:42:53
I told you later that I wanted to go to the Sand City.
Man 22:43:08
Where is shacheng?
Women 22:43:28
Is Zili.
Man 22:43:39
Women 22:43:44
S1 Metro direct
Women 22:43:46
Women 22:43:51
Beijing edge
Women 22:43:59
40 minutes driving
Man 22:44:09
Do I have to buy a car to work?
Women 22:44:17
Take the subway
Women 22:44:20
Man 22:44:45
How long does it take to take the subway to work every day?
Man 22:45:03
How long does it take to drive from shacheng to chaoyangmen under normal circumstances?
Women 22:45:27
The subway is two hours. I don't know what you say about driving.
Women 22:46:00
I don't know where chaoyangmen is.
Man 22:46:10
Two hours Have you counted the time from home to the subway and the subway to the company?
Women 22:47:15
I mean, the 7 th Ring Road will soon arrive in the Sand City. Then the Sand City will be in Beijing. If we buy it, it will be worth the money. If we can't do it, we will buy it again in Beijing.
Women 22:47:53
Beijing cannot afford it, but it cannot be bought in 20 years.
Man 22:48:03
Does the 7-ring road only go north and south?
Women 22:48:10
Women 22:48:29
Repair it on our side.
Man 22:48:39
How do you know not to go south?
Women 22:48:49
Women 22:49:07
940 all the truths come here
Man 22:49:13
Well, make money first.
Man 22:49:27
If you make money, you can go wherever you want.
Man 22:49:31
Women 22:50:44
You don't need to push me too much. The shacheng house has doubled three times a night. I have a sister-in-law and a brother over there. If so, I can ask for cheap house demolition.
Man 22:51:20
You have to make money first.
Women 22:51:40
Man 22:51:47
The credit card hasn't been paid back yet. You think too much. There are still many things in front of you, and the rent is still a problem.
Women 22:52:18
I really don't know when I can have my own house.
Women 22:52:56
No Penny
Man 22:53:07
Yes, so it costs less and makes more money.
Women 22:53:46

Women 22:54:32
Man 22:54:44
Women 22:55:22
Great trouble
Man 22:55:37
Yes. At this time, everyone is in trouble.
Women 22:55:49
Think about nothing
Man 22:55:52
No way. It's a big hurdle in the house.
Man 22:55:53
Man 22:56:00
What should I do?
Women 22:56:06
Don't know
Women 22:57:00
I really don't know when I can lie in my own house.
Man 22:57:11
Yes, so do I.
Women 22:57:21
Man 22:57:24
Man 22:57:27
What's wrong, wife?
Women 22:57:38
Will we always do this?
Man 22:57:44
I don't know.
Women 22:57:49
Man 22:57:55
Man 22:57:57
Women 22:58:24
Possible ....
Man 22:58:32
Then you will never get married.
Man 22:58:38
Women 22:59:39
If you don't have a house, don't you want to marry me?
Women 23:00:02
Now I am very envious and comfortable.
Man 23:00:45
Ang, everyone envy me.
Man 23:00:52
Who do not envy?
Man 23:00:53
Women 23:00:54
Women 23:01:11
Not envy in the past
Man 23:01:44
Because it was not required before
Man 23:01:51
It used to be very comfortable. Haha.
Man 23:02:01
Because people will become haha
Women 23:02:14
My question just now
Women 23:02:27
Not answered yet
Women 23:02:41
If you don't have a house, don't you want to marry me?
Man 23:02:59
I can also ask you this question. If you don't buy a house, you will marry me again.
Man 23:03:06
Women 23:03:20
I will follow you
Man 23:03:20
What do you want to answer?
Man 23:03:46
I asked if I was not married.
Women 23:04:00
I asked you first.
Man 23:04:48
Well, I think you're married to me or not. If you don't want to marry me, it's useless.
Man 23:04:56
Women 23:05:14
Then I want a house.
Man 23:06:06
What kind of house
Women 23:06:07
I really want to have a home
Man 23:06:09
Location, price
Man 23:06:14
Clear description
Women 23:07:14
On the edge of Beijing, 90 square meters, 5500
Man 23:07:29
Beijing or Hebei
Women 23:07:38
Man 23:07:39
Man 23:07:42
Man 23:07:53
What is your condition for marriage?
Man 23:07:54
Women 23:09:12
You don't feel that way, right?

Women 23:09:24
I feel bad
Man 23:11:09
I am asking you, is this your condition for marriage?
Man 23:11:19
Do not escape problems
Women 23:11:28
I want a down payment.
Women 23:12:02
I just want to have a married family.
Man 23:12:44
Clearly, you want to have a home with more than 90 square meters on the edge of Beijing to get married again.
Man 23:12:53
This is a serious issue.
Man 23:13:18
So if someone asks, please make it clear. This is very serious.
Women 23:16:19
You always feel like you are here. Isn't it convenient for us to buy here? Every time I talk about it, it's really inappropriate to go back to Qufu. I can stay for up to 10 days a year. You don't always have to say this, it makes me feel as though I have made a huge request.
Man 23:17:59
Do I mean I disagree with buying a house on the edge of Beijing?
Man 23:18:10
You don't know where my conflicts are from start to end.
Man 23:18:20
You don't know where I am stuck
Man 23:18:42
Don't say I don't want to buy a house on the edge of Beijing in the future
Women 23:18:50
You will tell me
Women 23:19:10
I cannot guess. Sometimes I just don't understand
Women 23:19:20
Let me know.
Women 23:22:20
Clearly, you want to have a home with more than 90 square meters on the edge of Beijing to get married again, instead of having a home to get married again. I don't like your speech to me, it's not necessary to emphasize this with me.
Man 23:23:50
We are very serious about cubes.
Man 23:24:27
You don't have to guess. Every time I talk about it, I will tell you what the two contradictions are, but you may not care.
Women 23:27:33
We are not the opposite. We are discussing together why we have to be the opposite. Do we have to be the opposite to say this, do you have to make the two companies seem to have to obey each other?
Man 23:27:40
Yes you
Man 23:27:57
You asked the banquet, dear.
Women 23:28:18
Too much?
Women 23:28:33
No? Is it wrong?
Man 23:28:48
Yes, but it is in conflict with some things.
Man 23:29:02
I will say the last time, where is my tangle? Please remember this time.
Man 23:29:07
You have heard of Lili.
Man 23:30:34
I agree to buy a house on the edge of Beijing. I agree to buy a house before I get married, and I do not recommend buying a house in Qufu. However, my conflict is that the house I got married has a conflict with the years of my family's old man, please remember this sentence. I will tell you the words above each time you talk about it with others.
Man 23:30:57
Please remember, I don't want to say it over and over again.
Women 23:31:36
I don't understand your conflict
Women 23:31:52
I really don't understand
Man 23:32:09
Do you know how long my grandmother can survive?
Man 23:32:15
Are you sure you want? Do you know?
Women 23:32:21
I don't know
Man 23:32:29
So you still don't understand my contradictions?
Man 23:32:34
Man 23:32:38
Isn't that clear enough?
Man 23:32:52
I want to let them worry about it early. No, do I have to regret it?
Women 23:33:08
What do you mean, no matter what, just Grandma, will we get married right away?
Man 23:33:09
Should I regret having never been filial to a good old man to buy a house?
Man 23:33:28
So what do you mean, no matter Grandma, are we waiting for a house to get married again?
Man 23:33:34
I also asked you this sentence.
Man 23:33:36
Women 23:33:38
You are filial piety
Man 23:33:39
Women 23:34:05
But for me, you also use this to be selfish to me.
Man 23:35:05
Li, we are indeed in a conflict. If someone asks you, I ask you to make it clear to your friends. I don't want others to misunderstand me, okay?
Women 23:35:19
In your house, I will always be the last
Women 23:35:39
Man 23:36:00
You still don't know where my conflicts are.
Man 23:36:10
You, compared to my grandmother's life
Man 23:36:28
I want my grandmother to enjoy her old age, right?
Man 23:36:34
Man 23:36:50
When I had to select one, I chose the old man but wanted to do it first, right?
Man 23:37:06
No, Lili?
Man 23:37:14
Remember, here is my conflict.
Man 23:37:20
It has nothing to do with anything else.
Man 23:37:42
Please remember that the contradiction lies in my wish for her to enjoy her later years.
Man 23:37:52
I beg you, please remember, please don't let me explain it to you again
Man 23:37:53
I beg you.
Women 23:39:53
Don't worry, I won't mention anything about purchasing a house in the future.
Man 23:40:22
Man 23:40:42
Every discussion ends with yours.
Women 23:42:52
I can't talk about it anymore. The old man in your family is too important.
Man 23:44:55
If I bought a house in Beijing for ten years and got married, what should I do if the old man is never there? Don't you care about this?
Man 23:45:28
I want to ask you, do you care about the houses on the side of the wedding Beijing or the old people on each other?
Man 23:45:38
Do you dare to answer me rationally?
Women 23:46:44
My family also has old people. My family also wants to see me
Man 23:48:29
Ten years, is your old man okay? Are you sure you want?
Man 23:48:51
Which cost is higher? Do you dare to tell me with reason?
Women 23:48:52
I didn't say it would take 10 years.
Man 23:49:35
Okay, five years. Do you dare to bet on time?
Women 23:49:59
Why 10 years?
Women 23:50:36
You are selfish and use your family's happiness for me
Man 23:50:41
Even on the edge of Beijing, if you want a good house, you need 700 thousands or 800 thousands
Women 23:50:52
I don't know.
Man 23:50:53
After buying a car, you must buy it.
Man 23:51:13
After buying a car, you have to prepare money for the old man, the old man, and the children.
Women 23:51:17
I spent 10 years on the first payment for the game in the District 15.
Man 23:51:17
Have you considered this?
Man 23:51:32
Is it just a 90-square-meter house on the edge of Beijing?
Man 23:51:39
Have you ever thought about it?
Man 23:52:17
Langfang house down payment 0.15 million?
Man 23:52:33
What is the 0.15 million down payment for Daxing house?
Man 23:53:12
Even if it is 0.15 million, the number of 0.15 million stones in three years is 0.15 million
Man 23:53:33
Is it just a 0.15 million problem?
Women 23:56:04
If you don't even give me a chance to build a house first, take the old man to death and hold me down. If I want a house to get married, I will become a non-filial person, a regret for the old man's life, and a reason for your hate for my life. But I don't want a house. I really don't think I have any meaning at all. I didn't even have a nest before I got married. What should I do with my family. Really, if you say I am selfish, are you not selfish? Using the old man to crush me
Man 23:56:34
Oh, my God. Remember, I chose the old man first, and then the house.
Man 23:56:36
Man 23:56:40
I don't want to buy it.
Man 23:56:43
Get married first
Man 23:56:55
But what do the old man wish?
Man 23:57:01
Buy a house again
Man 23:57:17
You must select one.
Man 23:57:23
You must first select one.
Man 23:57:37
The two cannot be combined. Now
Women 23:57:40
I don't want to say a word, so you can do it yourself. People in your home are the most important. I am the second. You no longer have to choose from them.
Man 23:57:41
Not both.
Man 23:58:20
Q: What do you care about?
Man 23:59:04
Which one do you choose first? Now, the two of us cannot have them together.
Man 0:18:25
You said that you are the last person to consider. Do you think that I care more about myself than you ?....
Man 0:20:16
When there is a conflict between time and money, I will postpone the date of buying a house for the elderly who have not been years old, right? Does this mean that you are the last person to consider?
Man 0:21:56
What do I do to you? How do I do to myself? Do you know? I chose to satisfy the wishes of an 82-year-old man between your wishes and those of an 82-year-old man, right? No ????


(Thank you for your patience and response. I have decided to buy a house as soon as possible and get married as soon as possible. There is no excuse. Thank you .)

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