This mistake, every ScrumMaster has committed

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"Small series" scrummaster to give to the fishing, or to grant fish? Since 04, I have been in contact with XP, and by 08 my team began to put forward the concept of agile, and then to 10 to receive scrummaster training; In the beginning of ScrumMaster, I have been troubled/irritable by the lack of initiative of the team, the more so, the more like the finger-pointing ( Command & Control), the result goes into a vicious circle.

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Many years ago, I started switching from a project manager to ScrumMaster's career path, and it didn't look very difficult, did it?

But, it's not that simple!

Just as I was, "Are you a project manager or a scrummaster?" In this article, it is very difficult for me to give up the management thinking mode of instruction control. I have to try to change.

In this change process, I made a lot of mistakes, I also feel very suffering, so to each of them "self-awareness" are fresh memory! To this day, I will often share these journeys as experiences to those who wish to become scrummaster. Of course, I've met a lot of people with scrummaster positions on my business cards, and I don't really understand what Daily scrum really means and how it differs from "project reporting," although this is just a small practice that scrum is pursuing, But the impact on an agile transformation business is huge!

Have you ever made this mistake?

Admit it! If you have done scrummaster, must have carried out the "Daily Scrum report" regular meeting, and the sentiment has a unique clock! The symptoms are as follows:

    • Each developer said to ScrumMaster: "I did this yesterday, today I do this, no problem!"
    • Then ScrumMaster put the sticker on the whiteboard and told the team: Well, you should!
    • ... Finally, ScrumMaster asked, "Is this mission over yet?" Or: When will it be done?

Look familiar, much like yourself (or somebody in your team). Well, let me tell you, this state (behavior) must be changed immediately, and your team must learn how to manage the progress on its own, and be able to complete the meeting efficiently and collaboratively, and, of course, teach them to be your responsibility as a scrummaster.

Daily scrum is not the same as you think!

It's not that easy to understand the purpose of Daily Scrum. I say this because I find it difficult to get rid of the "reporting" habit, which is true in any organization; but I suggest you try to do it like me.

I was also confused when I started to touch Daily scrum. 15 minutes of meetings, instead of the original "project Report", originally placed in each Friday, can now be carried out daily, very simple. Everything seems to change, we use a whiteboard to track progress, every morning to answer "three questions", everyone to Me (Project manager/scrummaster) to report the progress. It's no different!

But the idea was wrong from the start!

The true meaning of scrum

On a real Daily Scrum, what ScrumMaster should do is not to preside over the meeting, but to teach the team how to better track progress, complete planning, handle their own problems, work better with the PO, and handle it appropriately when problems arise.

To put it simply, what you have to do is to teach your team how to manage themselves, not manage them.

Once I understand this, I put my behavior from a manager's posture to the gesture of the assistant. This little mindset adjustment has made my team a huge change and improvement. When my team learned to collaborate, I started to slowly reduce my participation in their daily Scrum, and now I'm basically not!

There are a lot of people who call daily scrum daily stand-up, but I recommend using the name used on the scrum guide. Although it is only a different name, it will remind you that you are doing scrum, not just stand-up, which is a change in the way you think. For an organization's agile transformation, the paradigm shift is fundamental.

If you are a scrummaster, it is recommended that you change your posture first, take part in a gesture of assistance rather than a manager, and think clearly that I am here to help you, not to manage you.

At last

Think back to what your Daily scrum is? Think about it: how you can get your team to collaborate efficiently without your presence, that's the point!

Original author Dan Sloan Agile coach, certified professional Trainer

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It is not an easy thing to make yourself an assistant from a manager, but the most difficult part is the sense of insecurity in our hearts: "What if I don't care about them, I can't finish my work?" I'm going to have to clean it up! In fact, sometimes, let go is the solution to the problem, of course, let go of the premise is by you, a manager, delineated the track; but running on the track is your staff, not you. What managers need is for their employees to be able to work according to the organization's expectations, and to do so requires the formation of their own "driving force" rather than "pulling power".

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This mistake, every ScrumMaster has committed

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