This will affect the 5 Trends of data center development in 2018, and the data center in 2018

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This will affect the 5 Trends of data center development in 2018, and the data center in 2018

Today, the development of modern data technology is unpredictable because the entire industry and market are constantly changing. Over the past few years, people have introduced advanced analysis tools, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With the launch of every emerging technology, there will be a series of changes that subvert the landscape of the industry.

1. AI will continue to grow and become dominant

Since many organizations are investing time and resources to deploy automated systems, 2017 is an important year for the development of AI and machine learning in the data center industry. In 2018, more advanced hardware products will be available. Ultra-large data centers, local networks, and mobile devices will all benefit.

Some industry giants are also involved, including Intel's Nervana neural network processor (NNP), GPU-based GPU-Based Artificial Intelligence settings, and a variety of AMD and ARM chips dedicated for AI processing.

2. Renewable energy will flourish

Data center providers and cloud computing managers have begun to see incredible costs and energy consumption for their operating facilities. Since 2018, more efficient and reliable operating systems will become a top priority and will be dominated by renewable energy.

Industries such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are already committed to providing renewable energy for their cloud computing data centers. Under normal circumstances, what the industry's leading manufacturers do will start to demonstrate the effect.

3. The emergence of Edge Data Centers

The rise of edge computing does not mean that the cloud computing bubble will burst or the cloud computing will soon disappear, because this is not the case. However, it is clear that more people are beginning to realize that not all things and businesses should be migrated to the cloud. Queue edge computing or edge data center will get more applications in 2018.

More importantly, the decentralized settings of edge data centers allow organizations and teams to better address and manage their digital business infrastructure. The amount and speed of data will increase to a very high level, and data flowing out of the cloud will become increasingly inefficient.

In addition, edge computing has some incredible use cases and a lot of potential.

4. Data Center efficiency will increase

Using renewable energy and reducing energy consumption is a more efficient way to transform data centers. However, more local data centers and hardware investment will be made in the next year. Industry insiders are talking about advanced technologies such as liquid cooling and alternate temperature control methods, microgrid, and DCIM.

Traditional components will be switched to a full-flash system or integrated. Content and deployment systems are converted to edge and hybrid models. Computational Fluid Dynamics and temperature automation will become easier to implement. Even in some cases, the DCIM of machine learning or virtual cloud computing systems may also play a role.

Do not forget the role of microgrid. According to a report released by GTM Research, the US will invest $12.5 billion in the development and deployment of microgrid in the next six years.

5. More compatible applications and APIs

Application and service integration is critical to organizations that want to migrate existing infrastructure to cloud computing or hybrid clouds. Unfortunately, application adoption and development in this field may not make much progress.

Fortunately, Apis or application programming interfaces can help with parsing, allowing the workload and content to be moved and converted more freely. Developers started to use and deploy them more than ever before. This is a good sign of the current development of the industry landscape. More compatible applications are expected to enter this space, and the functions of other applications will be greatly improved.

With the beginning of the new year, the future is undoubtedly bright for big data and data center providers.

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