This year is really not smooth.

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Recently, when I was getting depressed, I was so depressed that I don't understand people and sometimes I don't believe in my life. I have never been able to go smoothly since I got into a new company. Alas, it was a hard time. I installed a system for a day at the beginning. I finally found that there was a problem with the optical drive. I have installed it for at least 20 times, there will always be some strange problems in the future, and the answer cannot be found on the network in a strange way. The boss ordered the company to switch to the Windows XP system a few days ago and install XP, however, when IIS is installed, an error is reported. How can this problem be solved? After the installation is re-fixed, the IIS has been installed frequently since its work, and there are also hundreds of thousands of times, not to mention the operating system. If all these are due to the birth of the year, I may feel a little incredible. I heard that the life of the year is about to wear red, and the new year is about to wear red, but it costs a lot of money to buy jade and buy clothes. I changed my job in March, but I had to find a job for almost three months. Basically, people were exhausted. In addition to increasing salary, all the other work has shrunk. It has never been smooth since the day of work. What is the problem? I don't even understand. What's even more strange recently is that I dream about things every night and have basically dreamed about things I 've experienced since I was a child's notebook. It's almost a mental illness. In fact, there's no pressure on people. How can this happen, I have no idea for the day. Now I want to take a heart-warming pill every day. Finally, it's almost the end of the year. I don't want to make a fortune. I hope everything goes well.

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