Those who have stayed in Beijing after graduating from college must be strong!

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At the beginning of the morning, I felt depressed. I suspected my whereabouts after graduation and the value of my stay in Beijing.

What are the benefits of staying in Beijing?

1. Get up early every day, go to the crowded subway, and endure the congestion after work.

2. It's nice to have a friend of both men and women. They depend on each other and work hard at the beginning, but they will not feel empty and lonely. Those leftover male are not so lucky. After graduation, a few girls shared the rent and several boys lived together. It was good at the beginning and it took a long time. When I came back from work, I saw the familiar old faces, and every bed at night, under the dark night lights, looking at the ceiling and four walls, my heart will become lonely and miserable. Without that person, what is worth nostalgia?

3. How many days can I spend with my parents in addition to the week of the Chinese New Year? I read an article written by a netizen a few days ago, saying that he has not returned home for four months, and his mother has been 50 this year. If her mother can live for 50 years. Then, based on a four-month meeting opportunity, he can still see his mother for 150 times, but in fact there will be fewer. Every time I think of it, I feel guilty. Is it the way my parents gave birth to us?

4. I have not had a complete car or house of my own since I spent many years here (all of my mom's loans are in arrears). Here, it is also a problem to have children and children, although the old people can take care of you for a long time, are they old? If the elderly do not adapt to the climate, you have to take care of them, which is undoubtedly a burden.

5. When will the abnormal house price be renewed? If you buy it, your investment will be raped. If you don't buy it, you won't be able to control it, and you can't afford it in the future. We are not gods. We do not know what we will do in the future. We are full of fear.


For people like me who are not in a very tight environment, there is still a lot of pressure. How do they survive if they are worse than me or who are in a very difficult situation?

When we were young, we were very naive, guided by others, and sang high-profile songs. We will learn how to build our hometown later. But when you are in a developed city, you do not want to go back. Because we are unwilling to go back to the origin. If people finally want to go back to the origin, why did they go to the heights.

Back home, we have at least the following benefits:

1. The house has been settled. There are several floors of small buildings with a small garden.

2. The car has solved the problem. You can run the wide road,

3. It is cheap to sing a K, so you don't have to wait for the cash box to spend 60 yuan in the night

4. Return to your parents' wishes and talk with them when they are old. When they are ill, at least bring a bowl of hot soup.

5. raising future generations is not so stressful. There are so many relatives and friends that can provide you with a lot of support.


Isn't life fun like this?

What is the figure?

Let's just say it, it's because we are unwilling to go! We thought better, and we hope that we will be more dignified and have a higher status and a better face after ten or two years. We cherish the friendship and feelings we met and cultivated in the university. We do not want to meet our classmates in a few years. When our friends came together to excel, we were inferior. Especially those who have come from very poor, very remote areas. Since their generation, they have to rewrite their family's history and fate, so they have to try their best to stay.


My fear! Real fear!

I also know that everyone who wants to stay is afraid.

We fear that we cannot endure the long-term fast pace and our bodies become weak every day. What we fear to do is not in return for our vision, we fear that our parents will grow old and suddenly get caught off guard at some point, while you are far away. We are more afraid of the endless loneliness and loneliness in our hearts when we are alone ......

But I figured out, I decided to stay for a while, just to wait for something in my heart.

If you want to live a nourishing and relaxed life at home, don't stay. Beijing is not such a city. Even the most authentic Beijingers cannot live that way. The character of the city determines that he and the city are idle.

This is a paradise for the adventurer. It is a gold mine. If you think about the future with ease, you just hope that there will never be an answer. The more you think about it, the more painful it will be.

If you stay, you have to bear the loneliness and sorrow and endure the helplessness and suffering. This is the most important thing in the city.


The boys you stayed behind must be very strong and stronger than strong!

The girls you stayed behind are even more powerful and stronger than the strong ones!

Together with those who are motivated, they will give you strength and encouragement;

Be sure to make your choice. You can make one thing completely and become irreplaceable. Success is in your hands;

Thanks to the person you are holding hands with, love him or her, it is him or her that the hard days have become dependent on;

Cherish those brothers who have stayed together along the way, because they will not be alone and helpless!

Always greet your parents. When the relentless distance between the space blocks your watch, the love transmitted by the thin wires is the only way you express your love!


I will leave the value of hardship and hardship.

Many things must be handled by yourself.

Although a person

Sometimes I feel lonely.

But it is also a rare opportunity for self-growth.

Soon after

One day I will leave,

With achievements and highlights, I left with a smile, three or five years later.

I have already experienced,

I will not give my life to a place,

I want to go to more cities and experience more colors,

This is because of my attitude towards life.


Choose to stay, then choose strong


All the ice and snow are coming

What's the big deal!

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