Thoughts and insights on a programmer's ten-year technical journey

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To become a good team player, you must be a person with excellent professional knowledge, rich experience, and can easily complete the tasks of leadership arrangement. To achieve this, learning and practice are the most direct path. Generally, when a graduate first enters an enterprise, his or her knowledge cannot meet his or her job requirements. At this time, it is very important to quickly learn and supplement his or her knowledge defects. Pay attention to the following points for enterprise learning and practice.

1. Use resources of mentors and colleagues. In this way, you can quickly solve problems and avoid many detours.My mentor asked me a question when I first graduated. Until now, when I spoke to my colleagues about my mentor, I will say that he is one of the most technical and admired people I have ever met since my work.

2. Systematic learning requires basic knowledge instead of querying Baidu or Google for information solutions.In this way, it helps you to establish a more reasonable technical architecture or improve the deficiencies of the existing technical architecture, so that knowledge can form a synergistic effect. In order to make O & M colleagues who have not done research and development Feel mysterious about R & D, they can analyze the deep-seated causes of abnormal faults, I specially developed several courses, including intuitive understanding of network communication, intuitive understanding of inter-process communication, and intuitive understanding of HTTP protocol, systematically pass this knowledge to our colleagues through small program cases.

3. In addition to the new knowledge required at work, it is recommended that you go back and systematically learn the basic professional knowledge after a period of work.Because most of the school's learning is lacking in practice, the mastery of a lot of knowledge is relatively superficial. It will be totally different if you study again after a period of work. For example, after I had some experience in troubleshooting business exceptions and network problems for a while, I read the "TCP/IP details Volume 1: Protocol" (1) I have read it again, it is found that there are many gains, and the performance of many actual services in case of exceptions is matched with what I have mentioned in the book. Some phenomena that have been read in the book but cannot be simulated in the test environment have been found in actual work.

4. learn and grow with the help of the platform.In actual work, explosive growth of business or big platforms is a very good resource for rapid growth and progress of a person. Because the explosive growth of business will make you encounter problems that may not be encountered in other places for many years in a short period of time, and the big platform must come from an early age, leading to a lot of pitfalls, in such an environment, you can quickly improve yourself by keeping yourself curious and studious. For example, when the QQ space business started to grow, I analyzed and solved business exceptions with my colleagues six nights in ten days, often lasting for several hours or even days, during that time, I encountered various problems that may have been encountered by others for several years, so that I could be able to know what to add and how to help me in the subsequent O & M work.

5. It would be better if you could segment yourself.Just as my team and I have experienced job content and job segments in the past seven years, today's society is an age of information explosion, IT technology is also constantly emerging as new technical branches. It is very difficult to be proficient in every way. Therefore, we have a more detailed positioning for ourselves based on our own situation and work needs. In this way, we can focus on our work, and we are more likely to go deeper and deeper into your field and become an expert. If you want to become a comprehensive talent, you can also consider focusing on a specific area in stages, focusing on learning accumulation, and switching to a key area after a certain depth.

As our experience grows, our work will gradually become complex and comprehensive and cannot be completed independently, at this time, team collaboration and even cross-team and cross-department promotion are required. At this time, we need to coordinate and balance resources of all parties,Promote the project to reach the goal, and maximize the performance of the team to be affirmed. In this process, pay attention to the following points.

1. Maintain an open mind.More empathy is required in communication and cooperation, and more win-win opportunities are created. At ordinary times, you need to help your brother team or colleagues achieve their goals. When your team needs help, you must also have a brother team or colleagues to help you.

2. Find something that is helpful to everyone and everyone is interested in or can learn new things.For example, the Speed Optimization virtual team I mentioned above is an example.

3. Focus on the summary and presentation of results.I found that many people or teams have made outstanding achievements in the company's career promotion and some technical award reviews. However, I spoke very well in my defense and worked very hard at ordinary times, the final presentation was very bad. It was a pity that the review was not passed or the results were relatively low. The workplace is not a speech with only one chance, but also a marathon. For people who are not expressive, they can pay more attention to the use of different types of text in their daily work to express their scenarios. In this way, during long-term work, let colleagues and leaders around you understand the achievements of yourself and your team.

4. Pay attention to daily data accumulation.The summary is not good, and many situations are also due to the fact that the content is not rich enough and valuable. In order to solve this problem, we can maintain the summarized and retained cases such as result emails, ppt files, and data charts in daily work. In this way, the data needs to be summarized in a wealth of ways, so that you are not afraid to tell anything about the content.

After many of the backbones enter the management position, as the number of managers and teams increase, they will find that the clear objectives previously assigned by the leaders are gradually absent. Some team members and even some teams are confused about what to do. In addition to repeated tasks and work, the long-term development of team members and other key issues are unclear. If this problem cannot be solved well, the team may suffer from instability, low morale, and poor combat effectiveness.

In the past, whether it was a single soldier or a team project, the goal was mostly clear. However, when leading a large team, we found that, my work is often not about how to accomplish a set goal, but about what to do, what kind of team should I build, how to help the development of team members, and so on.

I have also made some thoughts and explorations myself. For example, in my O & M team, I want to reduce O & M objects and refine the division of labor based on my professional division of labor, it also tries to clearly define the core responsibilities of each team, so that everyone can continue accumulating in the direction of their core responsibilities. By accumulating experience in establishing differentiated teams, build your own unique experience and platform advantages. In addition, we propose the concept of "service products, service R & D, and service ourselves", specifically placing products first and second in R & D, and hope to guide the O & M team to have product awareness, find more ways to help products and assist in R & D, so as to make the product more successful. Instead of focusing only on your own O & M efficiency, it is a pure supporter. Only by doing a good job of thinking and exploration can I truly turn into a strong force, and I am still on this way to think and explore.

Thoughts and insights on a programmer's ten-year technical journey

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