Thoughts on automatic recognition and processing of Chinese Characters

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A pictogram similar to a Chinese character is a symbol system. A statement composed of symbols carries a higher-dimensional information space that does not depend on symbols.

How do we humans recognize and understand words? My views are as follows:

A symbol is just a connection with a text. It is a channel variable that starts and enters the information space represented by a language. Symbols and text cannot represent the thoughts we want to express.

Text is just a switch, a circuit. Humans use this symbol switch to read virtual objects (existence and motion) in the information space. text is a plane symbol, our idea is a kind of movement and existence in a high-dimensional space. The two are not equal. We use computers to understand the text symbol system, and we have not been able to achieve substantial progress for a long time, the reason is that the computer cannot read the variables and constants in our human information space through the Symbolic System.

Learning and writing are just one of the ways in which we can create information spaces that can read information, the creation and invention of the symbolic system is only a manifestation of our highly developed spiritual power. To make computers understand our human text, the premise is not only to allow computers to know the meaning of symbols, but also to read the information space owned by humans who use these symbols.

Although the languages represented by symbols can be stored in other media, they point to our own inner world, which is very broad. For example, for the same word, different people have different meanings. For example, the encoding represented by 10011 in a computer is different. Different Systems define different 10011 binary sets.CodeAlthough everyone uses the same 10011, the final output of the computer is also different because of the different encoding systems...

Everyone has their own information space. Although they have learned the same symbolic system since childhood, the information space connected by these symbolic systems is completely different, it doesn't mean that everyone learns a word, and their thoughts and consciousness are the same. If everyone learns different languages, they cannot understand each other, although the text symbols are inconsistent, if the information space of these people has the same existence and movement (meaning of the so-called concept), then everyone can fully understand each other's meaning.

So can we re-design our computer language automatic recognition and translation system from this perspective?

I believe that one day we humans will use some tool to break through the isolation of different words and languages .. All humans will truly unite. Realize the leap of human civilization...

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