Thoughts on Blind Date

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thoughts on Blind Date

First self introduction, IT Beijing xx xx
To join the company's organization today.
Overall situation:
I immediately 24

Our company: IT Mobile phone development
Age 25~30

Woman Company: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Age 27~35
Venue: The Olympic Park
The number of men and women is nearly 1:1

No makeup.
The first person to see the woman company, should not come. Look, I'm older than I am.
The woman is generally big, looks have a good time.
But all have one thing in common and don't make up. There are a few facial features good, but the makeup xxxx.
--To verify a truth, no not beautiful woman, only lazy woman.
There are a few 85~82 makeup just like the aunt next door.

Some people recall that female 27 also come blind date, not ugly, is short xxx.
This is not true, just a few look pretty. May work, may the previous love is not smooth, may own request, also some did not talk about.
Girls have the most beautiful years, skin drops

One. Start self-introduction-ice-breaking game
I want to borrow three things from the opposite sex. (Girls are more active than boys, think I've never moved)

Two. Sub-group
Each team is selected to participate in 3 games (the game should be one-to-one, while the confusion).
Join a four-man relay game, like running a man. 2 Men and 2 women
1 Elephants turn 10 laps-halo o.o halo, and then take a 2nd person (blindfolded) through the barrier-holding the girl's hand through the barrier
2 2nd person and 3 person to do the finger plate game (two people Jump Sun, back girl frog Jump)
3 The first 4 people let the pen fall into the bottle.

Big Rich Ong--win the game first to the finish line
You take my guess.
You draw, I guess.
Read Lip language
The truth, the big Adventure.
Back off

Who's the mole?

Finally, everyone has two tickets to the movie, inviting their own girl movie.

To the Olympics, there are couples have the light of the sister paper has a collective activities have family parents

18~26 VS 27~ girls are really different, women light is wonderful

People come out to hang out on weekends,

I'm getting old slowly.

I should find a girlfriend, in my best age drunk the most beautiful you.
Although I can't give you anything now, only my love. I don't want to be at their age, I'm still single.
and annoying.

The original side of the people are not small. In an IT company, 26-28 no object 30-35 not married
I work together, with me at the same time into the company, at first I thought it was just graduation, as big as me, and then know 27
Another colleague, also the same period into the company, later than I was 2 years older than which one.
I suddenly found myself quarantined.

Early morning, good skin.

My eq is really catching up.

Thoughts on Blind Date

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