Thoughts on changing the system approval flow caused by long holidays

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The National Day holiday is approaching. Today, a dealer user suddenly asked questions about the time points of some previous business approval and review processes.

The original expense reimbursement time was completed seven days ago every month. However, due to the seven-day National Day holiday in January October, it was impossible to submit the ticket. Let alone the approval. So

Users have called to inquire about the issue, whether to consider delays or other issues, or whether to request submission in advance.

The user's concerns are actual, but they do not need to worry too much. Because there is a calendar in the system, that is, every year's work calendar is saved, as long as you save this year's work calendar

After you save it to the system and set the workday settings for each approval and other process node, the system will automatically help you adjust the settings no matter the holiday or normal situation

The user is prompted to complete the reservation.

Therefore, when considering the design of the system, the settings of the Work calendar should be included in the functional planning, so that the later modification and maintenance of the system will be

It is very helpful, and the true sharpening of the knife will not cut the firewood by mistake.

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