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I bought two books last week and arrived on Monday. One is Luo Yonghao's "my struggles" and the other is Li xiaolai's "Treat time as a friend".

I didn't pay attention when I bought it. I found out after reading it that the two books share the same thing: they were both teachers in New Oriental, and they were both great teachers. It's a coincidence.

As for "My Struggle", I have been nagging a few times in my previous blog, but I have read Li xiaolai's book, which is far beyond my expectation.

I have heard of this book for a long time, but I didn't buy it at the beginning. Instead, I bought another book, "The path for few people", and I bought three books in a series, looking back at the original psychology, I think that foreign people will write better than domestic ones. However, I have read more than half of the three books and the content is quite good, but some of them are out of line with the current Chinese form and I don't know what to do. Later, I learned more about Mr. Li xiaolai, mainly because I studied the autoit tool and found that Mr. Li xiaolai also wrote a seriesArticleAnd then found that his programming level is also good, and over time, his interest in him is growing, the result is to complete the book.

Mr. Li has already shared the electronic version of this book online, and I have also downloaded it. (This seems to be one of the reasons why I didn't buy it, still, I am not used to reading books on my computer. Every time I use my computer, I always have a lot of things to do and I am not in the mood to read books. After I bought this book, I have been reading it at bus stops and buses over the past two days. I feel that many of the content is closely related to our work, study, and life, therefore, it is easy to resonate.

As for the points stated in this article, I don't want to talk about it or turn this article into an advertisement. I just want to say that what I learned from the two books above is, to be a person, you must have your own ideas, principles, and thoughts, and share them with others. That's enough.

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