Thoughts on the 78th chapter of the Avenue to Jane

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Today, I went on to read the seventh and eighth chapters of the Boulevard to Jane. The seventh chapter of the Boulevard to Jane is about the reality of software engineering. As mentioned in the article, in the "program" and "Method" level, is concerned about "(concrete) realization", and at the "process" and "engineering" level, the most important consideration is the team problem. From a role perspective: the development manager thinks about the project implementation plan and manages the specific development behavior, while the project manager guarantees the team's stability and consistency. The author has explained in all respects the key that we must consider, makes the person enlightened.

Then, through his example, the author illustrates another place that needs our attention-the cost of thinking. Non-cost project plans will not be supported by the operator; the cost of a project is a chronic poison; the most deadly risk is the depletion of costs. Through these, the author tells us the importance of thinking about cost.

Next, the author talked about the similarities and differences between UML and Oracle. Both UML and Oracle are symbolic words, both of which have pictographic meanings. However, this does not mean that the UML notation itself can express how rich the meaning. Therefore, the use of UML diagrams in the project, there should be a corresponding text to describe it. And the correspondence between this description and the graph should be maintained continuously. If this relationship is loose and fractured, then the next person to read the UML diagram will face the same dilemma as when the Oracle was unearthed. The author tells us the similarities and differences between UML and Oracle in a relaxed and humorous way, so that we learn a lot of things while we smile.

In short, after reading the 78th chapter of the Avenue to Jane, I learned a lot of things, which benefited me.

Thoughts on the 78th chapter of the Avenue to Jane

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