Three abilities to build a successful website

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Building a successful website requires only three simple capabilities, or elements. In fact, these three items are known to all:




Although these three elements are very simple, but it is really necessary to combine these three elements, it is more difficult than imagined.
What is content

In the traditional sense, this is what you want to present to the reader. According to the new management, content is what the reader wants to see from your site. Content can be text, pictures, sounds, images ... And so on, as long as can through the digital transmission, may be the content of the website. Now this article, is the content.

What is design

Design is the appearance that content is accepted by the user's senses. From the choice of text, layout planning, moving line arrangement, website structure, with the composition of color to multimedia, this is the design. Even if only plain text (such as e-mail newsletter) is needed, design is required. Remember: without content, there is no design. Although McCoruhan says "the media itself is the message", the design itself is not content.

What is technology

Technology is the "proper" ability to use technology. Since the Internet is a technology media, all content must certainly be presented through technology. Technology from the simplest HTML to the complex interactive database.

Only integration can allow three of abilities to play

How does a website have these three abilities?

Recruit: These three talents, separate to find actually not difficult.
Work: To make the three teams operate separately, it is also very simple.
Management: It is easy to lead these three teams to do their respective expertise.

But is that enough? Of course it's not enough. At present, almost hundred large commercial websites have these three abilities, but why is the website always ideal?

The reason for this is that all of the Web sites operate on these three competencies, without any job that integrates content with design, design and technology, technology and content, and even these three competencies. In addition to the Web site can not play the special effects of Internet media, but also a waste of valuable human resources and investors money!

Some sites cost a lot of money, but it still looks like a newspaper! Think about why!

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