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Microsoft released the Windows Server (TM) Code Name "Longhorn" Build 6001 Beta 3, which is the recently renamed Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, and I loaded myself up, who made himself useful. The custom of the service system.

Beta 3 is the English version, Loaded, after a half-day, set almost, only to find the Internet has Chinese language pack, depressed! Quickly down the language packaging, incidentally the desktop experience also installed, haha, this is not a savings memory version of Vista, but also genuine (serial number is Microsoft, can be activated through Microsoft), Play for a while, I found that the system partition is not enough, who let me that fashion Server 2003 only divided 15G it. Take out my pq to, toss a bit, the D-plate 10G tune out, then 偶犯 a fatal error, only the D disk space out, want to directly into the C add, certainly is not added, It was only later that I turned to God, who let me have not been tossing the system for two years!

I didn't think much of it at the time, directly into the system, the disk into a dynamic disk, the result, PQ, and so can no longer deal with the disk, and finally use the disk genius the hard partition manually into the basic partition, at this time the 10G space thrown there can no longer be zoned to C disk up.

After a few days, really did not recruit, can only take out a piece of another 200G hard disk, according to the existing hard disk partition size division, a partition data ghost past, very promising to use a new hard disk reboot system, but appeared:

File: \windows\system32\winload.exe


Info:the selected entry could not to loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

Search on the internet found that there are a number of people who have this problem, but most of them are foreigners, with Vista, because the use of ghost system partitions to other hard disk partitions, and then can not start from the new hard drive.

The solution is:
Boot using the WinPE disk and switch to the new hard drive system partition: Windows\System32 Directory
The Switch directory command is:

CD C:\Windows\System32

C: For system partition drive letter

Run the following three commands:
Bcdedit/set {default} osdevice boot
Bcdedit/set {default} device boot
Bcdedit/set {default} Detecthal 1

Reboot, the system is OK.
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