Three considerations allow wireless routers to leave their cables offline

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When using a wireless router for network activity, some users often find that their routers frequently fail. How can we solve this unexpected disaster?

There are many reasons for frequent disconnection of wireless routers. We can completely "Recover" Our routers only by taking the right medicine for different reasons ".

1. Pay attention to placement

Cause: although most manufacturers have publicized that the valid transmission distance of their wireless router products is about 100 meters indoors and 400 meters outdoors. But in fact, these nominal distances are all theoretical data. In practical applications, the signal of the wireless router cannot be transmitted so far. When the distance between the router and the network card is too long or there are too many obstacles between the two, the wireless signal will seriously degrade, thus narrowing the coverage of the wireless signal, leading to frequent disconnection.

Solution: reduce the distance between the wireless router and the network card to minimize obstacles between the two, or use an external gain antenna and a wireless network extender to extend the coverage of wireless network signals.

2. Pay attention to interference sources

Cause: if there is a interference source near a wireless router, such as a microwave oven, a mobile phone that can transmit or receive radio waves, a bluetooth device, or a wireless speaker, it will interfere with the normal use of the wireless router.

For example, some digital cordless phones use the GHz band, while wireless routers are usually in this band. If the channels used by the two devices are the same, mutual interference will inevitably occur, leading to a disconnection fault.

Solution: locate these sources and remove them. When the channel frequency overlaps, you can change the frequency band of the wireless router to eliminate the conflict.

  3. Pay attention to transmission rate

Reason: different wireless routers often have different transmission rates. For example, the maximum rate of 802.11g + can reach 108 Mbps, and the maximum rate of 802.11g is 54Mbps.

When the distance between a wireless router and a network card is different, their connection rate also changes. For example, if a 802.11g + standard wireless router is used, the speed within the 3-meter unobstructed range may reach the theoretical value of 108 Mbps. If the connection distance is increased, to maintain the stability of the connection, the wireless router will automatically speed down as the distance increases, and the transmission rate will be automatically adjusted to 54Mbps or lower.

Sometimes, due to product design and connection distance, some routers fail to take advantage of the automatic speed reduction function in a timely manner or are always swinging between two different speeds, which leads to disconnection.

Solution: You can enter the management interface of the wireless router to manually speed down the wireless router, making wireless transmission more stable and reliable.

  Other solutions

If the above methods still cannot solve various disconnection failures, we can also consider the following methods:

1. Update Firmware. Generally, the latest Firmware will eliminate bugs in the product, making the product more stable and reliable.

2. Whether the product has poor heat dissipation. When the product has poor heat dissipation, it may cause unstable work. Allows you to reduce the temperature of a wireless router.

3. Pay attention to "irrelevant factors ". If a computer in the network is infected with viruses or Trojans, a large number of useless data packets will block the network and cause a disconnection. Too many DHCP servers in the network will cause IP address confusion, which will also cause a disconnection. These situations that are irrelevant to the product cannot be ignored.

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