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Three major searches

Retrieval Tools Scientific Citation Index (SCI) Engineering index (EI) Technology Conference record index (ISTP)
English name Science Citation Index Engineering Index Index to Scientific & Technical proceedings


Founded and edited by ISI in 1961, it covers a wide range of disciplines such as data, science, chemistry, industry, agriculture, forest, medicine, and biology, among them, life sciences, medicine, chemistry, and physics account for the largest proportion. Its citation has unique scientific reference value.

Published by US engineering information Corporation, founded in 1884. Reports on journals, conference papers, Scientific and Technological reports, and other documents of various disciplines of engineering technology, including biological engineering, management engineering, medical equipment, chemical engineering, and environmental science.

Published by the US Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) and published in 1978. More than 0.1 million conference papers are reported each year, accounting for half of the total number of conference books published in the world. The content covers various fields of science and technology and is an important retrieval tool for querying International Conference documents.



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Version name Publication cycle Document Source Version name Publication cycle Document Source Version name Publication cycle Document Source
Printed version


Double monthly


3500 types Printed (EI) Monthly


2600 types

Printed version




Over 4700 Annual Conference records

Optical Disk *


Monthly updates 3500 types Optical Disk (EI


Quarterly update 2600 types

Optical Disk


Quarterly update

Same as above

Network Version

(SCI expanded)

Weekly Update 5600 types Network * (EI



Weekly Update 5000 types

Network Version


& Isshp)

Weekly Update

Same as above (Added Abstract)

Online Edition


Weekly Update 5600 types / / / / / /
Indexing standards

Standards for recording SCI

Principles and abstract requirements of the publication of EI
Related information Note: 1) SCI Optical Disk (SCI)
CDE) with abstract.

Note: 2) EI online edition (EI
Web) includes EI
Compendex database and EI
Pageone database.

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