Three meaningful jokes

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Three meaningful jokes

When my wife had just taken a shower and her husband was about to start the shower, the doorbell rang. After a few seconds of quarrel about who should go to the door, his wife wrapped a towel and hurried down to open the door. She opened the door and saw Bob, his neighbor. Before she spoke, Bob said, "If you take the towel, I will pay you $800! When my wife thought about it, she took off the towel and stood naked in front of Bob. After a few seconds Bob gave the money, she left. My wife wrapped herself in a towel and went upstairs with confusion and excitement. When she returned to the bathroom, her husband asked her, "Who is this ?」
「 Bob next door !」 She replied. 「 Well, 」 said, "did he pay me the $800 he owed me ?」
The implication of the story:
Before learning about vulnerabilities, never make mistakes by yourself.
A priest was driving on the road. When he saw a nun along the road, he stopped the car owner and gave her a ride. When she got into the car, she raised her foot and showed her cute legs out of the robe. The priest gave a pleasant look and almost caught a car accident. After controlling the car, he secretly moved his hand to the legs. The nun looked at him and said, "Father, do you remember the holy poem 129 ?」 The priest blushed and quickly apologized. He was forced to remove his hand. But his sight is inseparable from his beautiful legs. After several shifts, his hand slipped to the legs again. The nun said, "priest, do you remember the holy poem 129 ?」 The priest apologized again: "Sorry, sister, the body is weak .」 After arriving at the monastery, the nun got out of the bus and gave him a meaningful glance and left. When the priest returned to the church, He hurriedly took out the Bible and tried to find out what the holy poem 129 was. Verse 129: "Go forward and seek for more details. You will find glory .」
The implication of the story: Always be familiar with your work, or you will miss many opportunities.
The business representative, administrative staff, and manager walked on the road for lunch and accidentally found an antique oil lamp. They rubbed the oil lights, and an genie jumped out of a group of smog.
The genie said, "I usually give each person three wishes, so I will give each person one .」 「 Me first! First !」 The clerk snatched and said, "I want to go to Panama, drive a yacht, and enjoy myself .」 Success! She disappears.
Then, "change me! Change me !」 The business representative said, "I am going to lie on the beach with my masseuse in Hawaii, and I have plenty of Phoenix coconut juice and love for my life .」 Success! He disappears.
「 Okay! You are now !」 The genie told the manager. The manager said, "I only want the two of them to return to the office after lunch .」
The implication of the story: always let your boss first

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