Three months through AdSense earn 1 million U.S. dollars _ website operation

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March 16, 2006, a senior member called markus007 in webmaster World Forum sent a post, the topic is: How I was in 3 months to make 1 million.

Because the webmaster world is not allowed to post any site address, in the member data, MARKUS007 also did not write their own website. So, although this post is a heated discussion, many people do not know which site he refers to. Through some surveys, I found his name is Markus Frind, and his website is plenty of Fish, a website offering free dating services. Now there are millions of members, the daily page browsing volume PageView is 14 million to 15 million.

Looking at his website, you can see that the design of the site is actually very simple, even in the eyes of many people may be a bit outdated. But the important thing is that his website attracts a large number of visitors. And the services he offers are completely free of charge. The only source of revenue for the site is through Google AdSense to sell ads.

He himself said that his advertising income in the last 3 months had reached 1 million dollars. To convert, that is, more than 10,000 dollars a day. This is very rare for a website that provides free service.

In subsequent threads, he also mentions that his website runs on four servers, and that he alone manages all matters. By contrast, none of the other dating sites he has has a similar number of members can run at a low cost like him. Most of those dating sites are charged, and none can run with less than 100 servers.

In his post, he made a few suggestions to all AdSense users:

1 to analyze the IP address of the visitor. The visitor's IP address is used to analyze which country and region he comes from. Because a lot of times, a visitor from the United States clicks on an ad that may give you 5 dollars in advertising revenue. But visitors from other places are likely to have only 2 cents in income.

2 You must create a website that will attract repeat customers. His advice: Don't fantasize about getting rich by search engine optimization itself. But if you're building a free job search site, you're probably earning 30 million a year. Other like club members, free friends and so on, such sites are likely to make a lot of money. Find a mature market, provide a free service to the market, and then sell ads.

3 Let your users and visitors to build the content of the site. Let them write reviews, such as nightclubs, hotels or golf courses.

4 Don't go into a market where too many people are already using AdSense. It is best to create a market of your own.

5 The website must be very simple and must be fast. A maximum of two ads a page, up to two pictures. Don't let your visitors get dizzy and overwhelmed.

6) to other forums to go around. If people are not talking about your target market, then you have a great opportunity to make money in this market.

Within a few days, his post became one of the most lively posts in the world, and the suggestions above were indeed worth pondering.

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