Three network connectivity modes under VMware virtual machines

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VMware Common network types for virtual machines are bridged ( Bridge connection ) , NAT ( address translation ) , host-only ( host only ) 3 , before analyzing how to choose, let us briefly introduce you to three types of network:

1. NAT (address translation)

NAT (network address translation), NAT mode is a relatively simple way to implement virtual machine access to the Internet, simple understanding, NAT the virtual mode is to surf the internet and exchange data via the host (physical computer).

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Figure 1-1 NAT Network logic Diagram

2. bridged ( bridging mode )

Bridging mode can be simply understood as a bridge built through the physical host network card to connect to the actual network. In bridged mode, a computer device creates a virtual machine that, like a real computer, connects directly to the actual network, and the Internet is not connected to the host.

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Figure 1-2 Bridged network logic diagram

3, Host-only ( host only )

in the host-only mode, the network card of the virtual machine is connected to the host's VMnet1 , but the host system does not provide any routing services for the virtual machine, so the virtual machine can only communicate with the host and cannot connect to the actual network, that is, the Internet is unavailable.

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Figure 1-3 host-only Logical Diagram

The adaptation scenarios for the three network types of VMware virtual machines are shown in table 1-1  

General applicable scenarios

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VM virtual machine

three types of network

for non-router Internet access, such as home broadband Internet access, LAN-like situation is also possible.

bridge mode)

suitable for routers with Internet access, that is, the case of LAN.

host-only ( host only)

This mode of application is not much, suitable for the host does not surf the internet, and host only the scene of communication.

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Three network connectivity modes under VMware virtual machines

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