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SEO technology More and more get the attention of the electric business, many people start in the initial stage of construction to take into account the details of the optimization, perhaps because of this too much consideration to optimize the work, but led to a lot of new stations early performance is not ideal, or even a long time to go out of Baidu's audit period. In fact, to do the optimization of the new station, there are more considerations.

We all know that the new station in the eyes of Baidu without any trust, so more easily caused by Baidu's aversion. In addition now the increase of garbage site, Baidu is more sensitive to the new station. Because Baidu is sensitive to the new station, so do the optimization of the new station, the most important thing is 3 words: not excessive. In the actual process of optimization, there are three actions to be avoided:

 Not frequent revision after starting optimization

New station on line, the most taboo is the frequent revision, because the spider to adapt and evaluate a new station is needed time, frequent revision, will only cause the spider's aversion, and finally may no longer fall in love with the spider's website.

Perhaps we have done a period of optimization work, the site included, snapshots are not good, but not too impatient, as long as your site structure is reasonable, the content is healthy, you must be able to walk out of Baidu's "sandbox", you need to have some patience.

Of course, in the beginning of the site to optimize the work, you should make sure that your site's internal structure is basically perfect, you can ensure the smooth crawling spider, then there will be no big revision.

keyword piling should not be too dense

Keyword piling is helpful in ranking, but for the new station, do not overdo the keyword piling. Because at this point, Baidu is particularly sensitive to the new station, it is very much to see the quality of the content of the station, if you site a certain page keyword piling too much, the content is not "real", it is easy to lose the trust of Baidu.

In fact, for the new station, there is no need to do too early to do keyword piling, because you piled up, ranking or not to go, after all, the weight of the site is very low. And now the keyword density of the ranking of the impact of less and less, this is not enough to support the ranking of the keyword. The most important work of the new station is to find ways to gain the trust of Baidu, will gradually increase the weight, and then in detail.

 Should not be anxious to release the chain, outside the chain to pay attention to quality

Outward must first Ann, for the new station, update content, enrich the site is the first. In the site does not have sufficient content of the premise, do not rush to release the chain, it is best to let the spider first came to the site when it found that the site is very full, it is worthwhile to "feed", after the more active patronage.

In the hair outside the chain, pay attention to the selection of the platform, it is best to ensure that each of their outgoing chain can be a stable, high-quality outside the chain. If the chain instability, ups and downs, but also will cause the aversion of Baidu. Therefore does not suggest the new station to do outside the chain, these places in the forum, the Baidu platform and so on the outside chain changes the factor to be many. Autonomous maintenance of the third party platform is the new station release the best channel outside the chain.

Generally speaking: Baidu is the new station in the eyes of a newborn, Baidu will now spend more time in the consideration of this newborn temper temperament, at this time, the new station performance docile, the comfortable, not too obvious to please Baidu, also don't let Baidu think you are a no prospect of newborn, In this way you will be faster through the audit period of Baidu, will also grow faster.

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