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Since its inception, the software is committed to making it easier for users to obtain hardware drivers, provide the latest and most complete drive inventory for users to choose from, and provide users with advanced manual installation mode, as well as intelligent one-click Silent installation mode. Intelligent driver Management, support drive backup for the zip stored in folders, self-extracting files, self installation files, and fully compatible with the latest Windows7 operating system, to provide users with a variety of solutions to maintain the solution. Accurate hardware detection, temperature monitoring, so that users can clearly understand the computer situation, maintain their own computer hardware.

Drive Life 2010beta Version

However, drive life to the user in every possible embodiment in more detail, how to drive life closer to the needs of users, let users play drive life, customization of the most suitable for their own hardware maintenance tools?

1. Select the driver version suitable for the system

Because of the upgrade of the system, the original driver of the hardware will often be due to the technology update and the system, software incompatibility, and hardware manufacturers will also be based on the current mainstream technology, the system of the product driver introduced a newer version of the driver to the user's hardware more perfect performance. Therefore, the real-time updating of the hardware driver, can let the hardware play a better performance. Are your hardware drivers most compatible with your current system?

Open drive Life, prompts the device has the drive update, hurriedly clicks drives the life the drive renewal function to the hardware upgrades, the better compatible system, gives the computer speeds up.

Drive life accurate detection of the hardware-driven version of the system intelligent matching to the hardware the most stable official drive, while our careful Discovery Drive life also provides multiple versions of the driver download for advanced users to choose the most suitable for their own driver. For example, the pursuit of game performance of the player, it is convenient to choose the latest speed of the graphics card compatible with the driver version of the game.

Words not many words, let us directly click to start updating, for hardware upgrades bar!

My hardware driver finally keep up with the footsteps of Windows7, the keyboard before the cow face.

2. Set driving life detection driver update and default installation mode

Having realized the benefits of driving your life, and realizing the importance of driving to the hardware, how do you customize driver testing to drive your life so that the software can provide a more appropriate driver update?

The official driver is the company launched the public version of the driver, but also performance and the system is the most compatible with the stable version of the driver, this is suitable for the need to improve hardware performance, installed drivers and other circumstances to choose, driving the life of the software default is also the main push of the official public version.

The latest driver is the latest release of hardware drivers, support mainstream technology, such as video graphics for the popular game 3D effect, sawtooth effect, image processing has been upgraded, suitable for hardware enthusiasts and game enthusiasts, so that the hardware at all times in the peak state.

At the same time, driving life to provide automatic installation and manual installation mode, automatic installation mode so that the driver only a little mouse installation, visual silent installation features, better let users experience the use of driver life Software Installation hardware driver changed so easily.

3. Set specific hardware drive detection

Drive detection update filter, check "Start driver update filter" Drive stable hardware equipment will not be updated, customized detection needs and do not need the latest drive to improve the performance of the hardware, more convenient and perfect settings for your driving life.

Summary: With the driving life 2010 users of the network life will be more comfortable, firmly grasp the three strokes, but also afraid to guess the computer that little "small mind." Play games or watch video, everything in your hands!

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