Three ways to retrieve Win7 desktop icons

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Under the Windows7 system, the desktop icon contains our commonly used files, application shortcuts, and so on, we usually use desktop icons for browsers, my computer, dial-up Internet, and so on, and can also create shortcuts to common file programs to the desktop, However, some users are reflected in the Win7 system under the desktop icon file suddenly disappeared, for this problem many users do not understand, so Hedong Software Park small series for everyone to bring back Win7 Desktop icon method, the following small series for you to provide three kinds of operating methods, users can adjust according to their actual situation!

Three ways to retrieve Win7 desktop icons

First, Win7 Desktop icon settings

1. Click the right mouse button on the desktop (where the View menu of the child is used to modify the size of the desktop icon, if you need to modify the icon size only in this menu settings), select "Personalized":

2. In the Personalized Settings window, click the Change desktop icon on the left

3. Select the desktop icon that you want to display, and then click OK

Second, Win7 display desktop icons

1. Using a text editor such as Notepad, reuse the following to create a display desktop. scf file. The contents are as follows:






When saving, set the file name to "Show desktop. SCF" and drag it to the Quick Launch bar to display the desktop icon and get it back.

The 2.win7 Display Desktop icon is not a vertical bar at the far right of the taskbar, click the vertical bar, and the effect is the same as the display desktop in XP.

Third, Win7 desktop does not show

Some people may find that all the icons on the Win7 desktop are missing because the desktop icons are hidden. Click the right mouse button on the desktop, check the view to check the display of the desktop icon can be restored.

The user can retrieve the win7 system desktop icon by the above method, usually the above three kinds of methods can cover all kinds of problems caused by the desktop icons disappear, the user in the process of using only according to the small series of tutorials to modify it!

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